For many people, at the first sign of pain—headache, migraine, muscle pain, backache, cramps, joint pains, premenstrual syndrome—they seek immediate relief, and reach for that bottle of acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen without even thinking twice.

People who suffer with chronic or severe pain are often prescribed pain medication.

However, an increasing number of individuals are seeking natural methods of pain relief, including herbal pain medicine which targets inflammation. This trend is occurring for a myriad of reasons.

Many herbalists know that their are some huge anti inflammatory benefits that many herbs and natural compounds can offer, and if you are having aches and pains, or headache tension or nerve pain, there are natural counterparts found in nature that help soothe these discomforts.

There are also different herbal pain killers that target headache pain specifically. We have included a few formulas that we recommend from a high quality herbal remedy company below, including formulas for headaches, migraines and nerve-type tensions, and muscles and joint pain. You can read the testimonials of customers who have found relief through these various products below.

Here are some testimonials for InflammaGo, a natural muscle and joint anti inflammatory product (see Migone ones below, this one is for migraines and tension headaches):

“After a sports injury hassled me for years, I decided to take care of my muscle and joints naturally – InflammaGo did the trick nicely.”

– Frank J.

“I have been a ballet dancer for thirty years. I have an old ankle injury that plays up once in a while. I teach ballet now, so I can’t afford to have trouble or swelling– InflammaGo has helped me so much. Now after a few drops as class begins, my joints feel less strained.”

Natural Pain Relief

– Nina.

“I have a bad knee; from time to time it gives me trouble. Thanks to InflammaGo, when I feel the familiar stiffness settling in, I quickly dose myself with this remedy, thank you for a great product!”

– Jasmine

“WOW!!!  InflammaGo is a great alternative to anti–inflammatories!”

– Susannah

Testimonials for headache, migraine and nerve tension relief  herbal painkiller formula MiGone:

“I’m 35 and have suffered horrendous headaches most of my adult life.  Some cluster headaches were so bad that I would lose vision, balance and get extremely nauseated.  Nothing would knock them out, and I would have to sit in a dark quiet room for sometimes several hours.

Other times the pain would last for days on end.  I bought this for my kid thinking it would help him and gave it a shot myself. This stuff works fantastic! Best purchase I ever made. Many happy thanks from Dallas.”

—Clay, TX, USA

While over-the-counter synthetic pain killers and prescription pain medication are generally effective, convenient, accessible, and budget-friendly, they can also come attached with unpleasant side-effects, such as stomach pain, and long-term use can lead to other health problems (most notably liver damage) as well as dependency.

Dependency can first of all reduce the effectiveness of the drug as the body becomes used to it after prolonged use. Further, sometimes patients become so addicted to certain pain relievers and pain killers that a cessation of the drug creates withdrawal symptoms.

Another problem associated with the use of conventional pain medication is that these types of drugs generally treat the pain, or symptoms, of certain underlying conditions, but don’t treat the causes or the conditions themselves.

Many people choose a type of herbal pain killer to relieve them of their pain and other symptoms because it has less side-effects and long-term risks, there is no chemical dependency involved, and some types of herbal pain medicine can help to not only alleviate pain and other bothersome symptoms, but can also tackle the underlying cause of the pain.

One of the most popular and effective herbal pain killers out there is white willow bark, which is taken from the white willow tree (salix alba). The bark contains salicin, which has been used to relieve pain for centuries.

Interestingly, white willow bark’s salicin is an active ingredient used in the commercial drug aspirin; however, aspirin has been chemically synthesized. In its pure, natural form, white willow bark is an herbal pain killer, sometimes known as the “herbal aspirin.”

Many people choose to take this herbal aspirin over commercial aspirin because it doesn’t have as many side-effects, such as gastrointestinal problems, or long-term risks like blood thinning.

Whether the pain is chronic or acute, in the lower back, joints, head, or teeth, white willow bark is effective herbal pain medicine. White willow bark can also relieve pain associated with various types of arthritis, and can reduce inflammation and fever. To take this herbal pain killer, the usual recommended dosage is one capsule (usually 400 mg of the herb) taken one to three times per day.

Feverfew, or tanecetum parthenium, is another well-known herbal pain killer. Feverfew is a medicinal herb used to prevent and treat headaches, chronic headaches, and migraines. It is an active ingredient found in several specific brands and types of herbal pain medicine and remedies, and is also used on its own.

The compounds found in feverfew help to prevent blood platelets from clumping excessively, and also decrease the release of some inflammatory and pain-inducing chemicals.

Feverfew can also relax “tight” blood vessels and increase overall blood flow to the brain, which helps in headache prevention and treatment.

There are many other types of effective herbal pain medicine. Essential oils, such as jasmine, peppermint, juniper, rose, and rosemary, are known for their general pain-relieving properties; lavender, in particular, is also beneficial for sufferers of joint paint and rheumatism, and also acts as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Ginger, a strong herbal antioxidant, is great for promoting healing for skin irritations and conditions and relieving the pain associated with them. Skullcap tincture can relieve headaches and relief from labor-induced contractions while yucca relieves pain related to osteoporosis, arthritis, and various inflammatory conditions.

The herbal pain killer cat’s claw is an anti-inflammatory, antiviral antioxidant that relieves pain and improves the immune system. Other forms of herbal pain medicine include cayenne, eucalyptus, aloe vera gel, lobelia, neem, yellow dock, saffron, burdock, passion flower, kava kava, valerian root, hops, wood betony, and wild lettuce.

If you’re looking for an effective herbal pain killer, try your local pharmacy or drugstore and check out their availability of medicinal herbs for pain relief. Their selection may be limited, and you may have more luck at a natural health store.

However, if you want better selection and availability as well as convenience, consider shopping online for herbal pain medicine. With a few simple searches you can find plenty of different herbal pain killer options.

Just be sure to conduct some thorough research to ensure the company or online retailer is reputable, as well as the product itself. It’s also wise to check out their shipping and delivery charges and policies, as well as their guarantees.

Finally, remember that herbal pain medicine is just that—medicine. Herbs are still technically drugs, and may produce side-effects, carry some element of risk (although side-effects and risks are generally less common and serious in medicinal herbs than in synthetic drugs), and include precautions and contraindications.

For example, the herbal pain killer white willow bark is contraindicated for children under 16, those with gastritis or stomach ulcers, and pregnant women.

Always talk to your doctor first about taking any herbal pain medicine, and always read labels for ingredients and warnings.

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