Herbal Ashtma Remedy

I have had asthma since I was the tender young age of about eight years old.

I remember the moment I had my first asthma attack very clearly, to this day, and I’m now thirty five years old, so you know that this had some sort of significant impact on my psyche. I was at the outdoor YMCA, a trail packed and outdoors activity packed fun family center.

Unfortunately, this was before the internet too, and there was no way to find out that there were some excellent herbal asthma remedies out there.

Had I, or my parents for that matter, known what kind of damage steroidal asthma inhalers do to the lung tissue when used over and over again, I would have definitely vied for a natural alternative.

Heck, at that time, I was young and all I knew is that I wanted to breathe easier and not get that panicked feeling like I was suffocating.

My mom and dad and sister were all ahead of me, my sister being tiny at the time, and I remember the  sun was shining and there were queen anne’s lace weeds all around us, to which I am still allergic now.

I remember running up a hill and having a strange, restrictive feeling all of the sudden, like a rubber band of some sort was around my lungs and restricting my capacity to fully inhale my breath.

See Native Remedy’s Biovent, a natural asthma remedy. They also offer two other maintenance herbal remedies for health lungs, which help to relax the bronchial passages and keep your lung tissue healthy and unencumbered.

I also remember the wheezing, and the panic that came with not being able to breath properly, I think I even got slightly faint with my first attack.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me that first time, but I sure would understand it well as the years went on and I was diagnosed with asthma and put on an inhaler and some other medications, and even was hospitalized once in my youth for not being able to breathe due to asthma.

When I think of all the damage I’ve probably done to my body and my poor lungs during those earlier years, before I learned that there were other ways to control my asthma, including some great and effective herbal remedies for asthma, I wish I could wind back the clock and go back and undo that damage.

I’m here today to talk to you about a few herbal asthma remedies by Native Remedies,  called Biovent and Broncho Soothe.

They come with slightly different directions, but they are both great products to help you relax your bronchial tubes and clear them so that they can function as they are meant to – to facilitate the carrying of oxygen to your lungs.

Oxygen is so vital, and when your oxygen is restricted there are physiological side effects that go with that, such as fatigue, since we get energy from oxygen, worsened circulation, and generally lower energy levels. Even your skin’s appearance may suffer form lack of oxygen, since your skin looks more alive, more healthy when you are getting enough oxygen.

BioVent is a really cool concept, if I do say so myself.  It is an all natural formula that is designed to NATURALLY, through the use of herbs and all natural extracts, open and relax the bronchial tubes. This is what asthma is, after all, it’s when your bronchial passages are restricted. And guess what, the more upset you get, the more they constrict.

There are two other supporting products Native Remedies offers as well that support healthy breathing and the relaxation of spasming bronchial passages.  One is called Broncho-Soothe and the other is called Congesto-K.

Congesto-K are drops that you spritz on your pillow at night that help to keep your passages clear all night long, and act as a soothing therapy for your lungs.

The other, Broncho-Soothe, is a tablet that you use when you are actually having trouble breathing, or may be in the middle or start of an asthma attack.  You dissolve these little tablets in water, and take as many as needed until you can breath easy again, so you can use this when you get an asthma flare up as a successful way to calm current asthma attacks and spasms.

To get the best, long lasting, and long term therapeutic benefits, it is recommended that you use a combination of these products for best results. You may just come back for more, they work that well for many people.

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