Naturally Lift Mood

I have found the idea that natural herbs and chemical compounds found in nature, when put into herbal formulas for depression relief, may help to lessen the severity of depression, anxiety and mood swings in both women and men very intriguing.

Herbal remedies for depression and anxiety are an increasingly intriguing subject not only to me, but to thousands who feel they might benefit from naturally treating their issues with these common psychological hurdles.

There are a variety of herbal formulas for depression from Native Remedies for the various forms of depression and anxiety that make up this unfortunate group of mood disorders.

They can help you NATURALLY curb the symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings without the undesirable side effects and dependent nature of medical antidepressants that can be a turn off.

Here are some testimonials for our recommendation for anxiety and depression, called MindSoothe:

“I have been running a very stressful business (advertising!) for 6 years now and got caught up in the whole clubbing scene and all the vices that accompany that type of lifestyle. The combination of work stress and partying hard took its toll. I was a mess and felt like I needed to take stock of my life.

My prayers were answered with non-addictive herbal remedies like MindSoothe and PureCalm that acted like shock-absorbers, giving me the time I needed to recover and learn to cope with life’s ups and downs using my own common sense – a big thank you for showing me the way and bringing my life into a sphere of peace and self management. Incredible!”

– WG, Cape Town, South Africa

Why my interest in these types of natural remedies for such a life interrupting mental state? Because I have personally seen the effects of antidepressant drugs on friends and family, and quite frankly I think medically prescribed antidepressants and anti anxiety medications are over prescribed and under supervised.

but that is strictly my personal opinion, and I’m sure that they do help some people, I’m just leery of them myself.  You can see from numerous testimonials above, herbal remedies can and do work for people, in fact sometimes better than prescribed medications, and certainly without the plethora of potential side effects.

I have seen one thing consistently with prescribed antidepressants: the lack of coupled counseling with the prescription of an antidepressant seems a common theme in psychiatry. Why would you prescribe a medicine to a patient for depression without focusing on helping them verbally talk through their issues as well? I never understood this.

In my opinion, when an antidepressant is prescribed, so should therapy sessions that help the person talk out their problems. To me, we are addressing the symptom of depression without addressing the underlying, and perpetuating causes of depression.

There are some people who need mild mood enhancement here and there, and others that may genuinely need psychiatric evaluation and help, and it’s up to a person to decide which they think they may need.

Another thing I have seen with prescribed antidepressants is that they too often cause unwanted side effects, even throwing some with severe depression into suicidal tendencies in some cases. This is extremely dangerous, and should be addressed with more urgency than it currently is in my opinion.

Many people also report great difficulty in “weaning” themselves off of medically administered antidepressants, many times having horrible symptoms of withdrawal, and feeling they can never truly come off of the antidepressant. This becomes a vicious cycle for some.

These types of natural depression and anxiety formulas actually may help to naturally boost the mechanisms in our bodies that naturally are in opposition to feelings of depression and anxiety. It has several ingredients that have a reputation for calming the nerves and helping to lift the spirits that have been used in herbology to help people with these mild symptoms.

There are also other methods to herbally or naturally treat depression, but I like the ones from Native Remedies because it combines several herbal remedies into one, creating more of a comprehensive herbal/natural remedy approach to helping treat both anxiety and mild depression, without having a sedative effect, but still relaxing the mind and bringing us naturally to more positive thoughts with regular ongoing use.

Mood Support Formula

Another note on the medical approach to treating depression and anxiety, and this is purely opinion mind you, of course there are others with different opinions, and this opinion does not count for every case or every physician or psychiatrist approach.

I believe that many doctors are not trained to look at all aspects of a depressed individuals life, or perhaps they do not know how to broach the subject without feeling they may hurt the patients feelings or alienate them.

They should always see what that persons eating habits are (ie do you eat a lot of sugar – sugar and blood sugar play a HUGE role in mood as they can completely rule your hormones, which in turns controls mood).

Does the patient get enough physical activity? Believe it or not, just fixing these two factors in ones life can make a much more dramatic difference in depression than ANY antidepressant drug alone.

Not only that, but for the times when just changing lifestyle and/or eating habits doesn’t cut it, there are natural remedies and herbs for treating anxiety and depression that really enhance mood and lift spirits, without dramatically altering body chemistry or causing unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

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