Zenmed Natural Skin Care

Skin problems are common for people across many different walks of life. They can be notoriously tricky to overcome and as a result, millions of dollars are spent every year on prescriptions for conditions related to the skin.

It’s important to separate between the herbal formulations that will help your skin, and those that will simply leave a dent in your pocket. You shouldn’t let a bad experience turn you against herbal skin care.

With the correct treatment, it’s possible to tackle issues as far fetching as teenage acne all the way to anti-aging wrinkle removal.

There are two important things to remember.

Firstly, you should be aware of the herbs and minerals that are capable of producing positive results. And secondly, you should know the recommended usage of each.

Is there an alternative? Well, yes there is, and herbal skin care is that alternative. But while many herbal remedies have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect, they’re not always as reliable as they’d have you believe on the bottle.

One of the most effective herbal ingredients that you’re likely to find is Aloe Vera. Derived from a leaf, the juice can be used to treat almost any kind of skin condition. You’ve probably used it without noticing on a summer holiday in the past.

The formulation is regularly applied to treat sunburn and it can cool the skin. It isn’t used as often to fight acne, but you’ll rarely find a skin condition where Aloe Vera can’t be used at all.

Another popular ingredient is evident in the famous Australian tea tree oil. Thousands of patients have bared witness to the remarkable healing powers of this antiseptic oil. It’s brilliant for tackling skin irritations and can have a rapid effect, although it does leave a somewhat distinct scent as a downside.

Natural Acne Skin Care

Green tea, in particular, is capable of cleansing the skin and reducing the effect of wrinkles considerably. Coriander and Rosemary are known for being similarly effective, although to varying degrees with much depending on the dosage used.

You’d probably be surprised to hear that many common household fruits are renowned for their healing capabilities – even the apple! There’s been a great deal of debate over the effectiveness of using yogurt to soothe the skin, but a wealth of research has shown direct links to an improvement, particularly in dry or mature skin.

The reason for this? Yogurt has natural enzymes and lactic acid, which softens skin. In fact, lactic acid, in stronger forms, is used in acne and aging skin acid peels to help increase cell turnover and remove dead cells.

Herbal remedies have a reputation for being safer than their prescribed counterparts. While there is certainly truth to this story in certain practices, you shouldn’t begin herbal skin care treatment without being fully aware of the risks involved.

The application of any herb should be kept to sensible quantities. Just because a formulation has “Herbal” splashed across the bottle, does not mean you can use it all day long to treat your skin condition.

Make sure the formula is free of ingredients like parabens, sulfates, triclosan (which is an antibacterial ingredient), MSM, and propylene glycol, and any other loooong ingredient names as this almost always means it’s some sort of chemical that is not good for you, which will subsequently be absorbed through the skin, and into your blood stream, where it can disrupt hormone function as well as other integral bodily functions.

Most herbal skin care methods are popular as complementary treatments. But, there is one system in particular that I’m a huge fan of that is a natural anti aging cream system which provides multiple steps to getting younger and more refreshed skin which works beautifully on it’s very own.

However, that’s not to say that great results can’t be achieved without drugs altogether. If you are ever in doubt, consult a doctor for professional advice about aging skin or acne skin care.

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