February 2015
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Herbal Supplements for Blood Sugar Stability on Trial

There are three Chinese herbs that are specifically being studied against strictly lifestyle changes, and lifestyle changes, paired with the use of mixtures of these three herbs, which have been known to help stabilize the blood sugar, or at least thought to, in Chinese medicine practice.  The herbs are called Jiangtang Bushen, Xiaoke huaya and Tang Kang yin.  Yeah, I’ve never heard of them before either, so you’re not the only one!  The studies, of course, are cautioned though, since they are thought to be flawed or biased.  I’m not sure if this is because of the placebo effect, or whether they think that the people in the studies were biased toward herbal remedies though.

The studies did show promise that when the herbs were paired with certain lifestyle changes, they showed better blood sugar stabilization results that if the people in the trial simply changed their lifestyle without adding the herbs to their daily regimen.

It should be noted that eating a low glycemic diet alone can help to dramatically improve the stability of your blood sugar and prevent diabetes and pre-diabetes though as well, it’s just that people are always looking for a easier way out to eat badly and still have blood sugar control.  It is true that some people just naturally can do that and not have problems, but most of us need to choose our foods wisely and not over do it on the processed sugar and carbs in order to maintain ideal blood sugar levels.

Your blood sugar levels have so many implications in your overall health.  They’ve been linked to everything from different types of cancers to heart disease and kidney failure, so it’s no wonder that so many studies have been dedicated to this tricky and often hotly debated health topic.

Here are some of the supplements that I have found help me to stabilize my blood sugar levels :

Omega 3 fatty acid supplements – one or two a day, in the morning and at night.

Chromium picolinate – one a day

Hoodia – dosage depends on the manufacturer and the dosage per pill.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (but unfortunately you have to take a lot of it for it to help with your blood sugar levels, something like 5 caplets a day, depending on the dosage of each pill.  However, I do notice it’s effect when I’m taking them all day.  I wonder how good this can be for you though, even though it is an antioxidant, to pop this many of them in one day.

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