While it is currently impossible to live forever on this Earth, that doesn’t stop countless individuals, particularly those who are older than 40, from embarking on the lifelong mission to find the proverbial fountain of youth which promises eternal outward beauty and postponing or even attempting to prevent the physical signs of aging.  One of the more popular anti-aging products currently available on the market is HGH or human growth hormone.

Although surrounded bycontrovers HGH therapy, natural human growth hormone enhancers, and injections are considered by some to be notonly costly but also risky many people laud this product for its purported anti-aging effects on the human body throughout the 40s and 50s andbeyond. 

HGH is mostly administered via injections at various anti-aging clinics scattered throughout the US, and HGH patients who seek this anti-agingtherapy can and do pay thousands of dollars annually, up to $20,000, even to receive this type of treatment. But why would anyone forkover this insane amount of money? Because of what the human growth hormone promises, that is why.

Regardless of the fact that aging is a very natural process for all living things, aging is considered to be unattractive and therefore undesirable by the general population.  As a result, more and more aging adults are in the market forthe latest and greatest products, treatments, and therapiesthat promise to dramatically reduce the signs of aging andhelp consumers look and feel younger, fresher, more energetic,and healthier.

Do the anti-aging effects of revitalized and refreshed skin, hair, and nails, fat loss, lean muscle and bone density gain, and more energy and mental clarity sound good to you?  So how does the human growth hormone profess to promise these anti-aging effects for whoever chooses to take the plunge and receive HGH therapeutic treatment?

In other words, what is HGH, and how do HGH enhancers or injections work to provide these highly desirable and sought-after anti-aging effects?The human growth hormone is naturally existentin the human body, and is responsible for activating the growth and production of cells as well as regulating the metabolism in order forpeople to grow and develop properly from infancy into adulthood.

HGH generally peaks during puberty in preteensand teenagers and starts to deteriorate drasticallyaround 40 years old.  This is around the time when many adults first start to notice the major signs of aging.  These include decreased lean muscle mass, bone density, energy, and skin elasticity and smoothness, increased fat deposits, hair loss, skin wrinkles and roughness, and mental cloudiness. 

 They consequently begin looking for products that provide anti-aging effects.  HGH treatment in the form of enhancers, injections, or other types of therapy purportedly works to counteract the signs of aging by stimulating the declining cell growth and production that has been stunted (in persons who are at least in their late 30s and older) back to higher levels as naturally found during their younger years.

Many patients who have gone through HGH treatments and therapy successfully in order to reduce the signs of aging and experience anti-aging effects have reported improved skin (facial and in general), including younger-looking skin, healthier skin, increased elasticity, thickness, and smoothness, and a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess; and overall rejuvenation of the hair and nails.

Further results can be restored physical energy and mental alertness and awareness; loss of fat and fatty deposits settling around the mid-section; increased lean muscle mass and bone density; improved sexuality and functioning of sexual organs (and, consequently, of their sex life); and an improvement in their overall health and well-being.

Thus far, HGH therapy and treatment is not FDA-approved for use as an anti-aging treatment, even though it is widely used as such. Various forms of synthetic human growth hormone used as enhancers and injections have been FDA-approved as treatment for various types of short stature.

A condition referring to a person’s height that is significantly lower than the expected rate or levels related to HGH deficiency (as of 1985); and for sufferers of HIV and AIDS who are wasting away due to their inability to retain their lean body mass (as of 1996).

Although HGH treatment has been very beneficial for these above conditions and disorders as well as regarding anti-aging effects for many adults over 40 years of age throughout the world, the Food and Drug Administration has so far not approved synthetic HGH as an anti-aging treatment because of the health risks, possible immediate or short-term side-effects, and potential long-term effects associated with this type of therapy.

Even so, considering the risks and side-effects of anti-aging HGH therapy as well as the associated high costs, injections of the synthetic version of this hormone have proven to be highly effective for many older adults seeking to reduce the physical and mental signs of aging and enjoy an overall improvement in their health and well-being.

After all, other types of anti-aging treatment also present certain risks and side-effects and can also cost a hefty chunk of change, but may not be as effective as HGH. If you are considering taking advantage of the anti-aging effects of HGH therapy, make sure you take the time to determine whether this anti-aging treatment is right for you.

Do as much research as you can (not only into HGH as an anti-aging therapy, including the risks and costs involved, but also into specific anti-aging clinics that offer HGH treatment), talk to someone who has undergone this treatment successfully (if possible), and, most importantly, talk to your doctor or health-care practitioner.

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