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Did you know that dehydration is just as common (if not more common) in the winter than it is in the summer time? This is most often because when people are chilly, they tend to not think about drinking cold water as much as they naturally do in the hotter months of summer time.

Another reason is that we tend to use the same amount of water from our body in the winter as we do in the summer through respiration (breathing, you actually lose water this way) and you also still perspire, it’s just not as noticeable because the humidity is lower and you’re often covered in clothes that disguise it. If you just give your underarms a whiff of a day being underneath lots of clothes, there will be definite evidence that you’ve still been sweating!

Since it can be hard to drink cold liquids when your body is cold, there are a few ways to healthfully keep your body properly hydrated in the cold, dry winter months. This is of course, unless you live in a temperate area where the weather changes are barely detectable from month to month.

Most places in the US have some sort of barometric, temperature and humidity change though with the seasons as we know them so this likely applies to quite a few of you.

Decaffeinated or herbal tea makes a great warm liquid that can both warm the throat and the body as well as hydrate the organs and tissues that so desperately need it. Remember, our bodies are actually over 95% water in composition, so this is why staying hydrated is so very important and it’s also why people die much faster of thirst than they do of starvation.

Water is one of the main staples of your existence, and you can dehydrate very quickly. Also remember that drinking things like soda and juice really don’t count. You need things that are mainly water based to truly hydrate.

If you look at the tea and coffee shelves at your local store, you’ll see that teas have exploded in popularity and the choices are tremendous. There are plenty that offer great taste without the dehydrating effect of caffeine. Since tea is all water based, you are hydrating your body as well.

Another great way to hydrate is by drinking warm or hot water with lemon in it. Lemon has naturally high levels of potassium, which is a hydrating electrolyte that is both energizing and super hydrating. It is also highly alkalinizing to the body, which helps increase overall health and well-being by neutralizing detrimental acidity in the body.

Of course there is always plain old water. Perhaps abstain from adding ice, or set your filtered water to not chill as much if you just don’t like the water super cold when you’re not feeling too warm. Plain old simply H20 is still the most reliable foundation of good hydration.


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