Quitting Smoking, Made Easier

Make it Easier

Many people who are presently smoking would love to kick the habit, but have been unsuccessful with dropping the cigarettes for good.

This is why there’s so many different methods on the market to assist people to quit.

While Herbal News Magazine is mostly dedicated to herbal methods of smoking cessation, another very worthy method of talking about which is 100% natural as well is quitting smoking via hypnosis.

We will talk about how hypnosis can help you quit without even having to go to a hypnotist and pay large sums of money, but instead do self-hypnosis through one of the top hypnotist’s CD’s (keep reading for more info on her program).

Public sentiment against second hand smoke in the past decade has increased peer pressure to quit.  Smoking is banned in almost all public buildings, so smokers are now forced to smoke outside in every type of weather.

Smoking Cessation Patch

The practicality and pleasure of smoking is diminished greatly.  The ill effects to a person’s health are undeniable . The smoker’s cough and lung and heart damage are the best reason to quit.

There are behavior modification techniques, support groups, nicotine patches, herbal smoking cessation patches, and gum all available for the asking or purchasing.  Still, with all these various programs and options, many people continue to smoke.

Nicotine is highly addictive and has even been compared to heroin for how remarkably habit forming it is.  Probably, a combination of options should be used and a person must be highly motivated to succeed with a smoking cessation plan.

The fears that often get in the way of quitting are increased anxiety, irritability and weight gain.  A method tried by many to succeed in quitting smoking is hypnosis.  Many people have attested to the effectiveness of this technique working without the increased irritability and weight gain.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which can be used to increase the degree of suggestibility favorably for an individual.

Hypnosis is usually used to alter adverse behaviors or habits such as overeating, smoking or to banish certain fears like a fear of public speaking.  This particular set of  Smoking cessation hypnosis CD’s have proven over and over again to be a highly successful method to quitting smoking through the power of your own mind’s persuasion and the power of suggestive, subconscious thought.

Certain people are highly susceptible to the hypnotic state and others are not.  Most successful hypnosis takes place when the person is rid of the fear that would inhibit the process.  Obviously, only a willing and motivated candidate would do well with hypnosis.  Hypnotic suggestions aimed at habit control subconsciously help to break this addiction.

The concept behind using hypnosis is to stop the craving and anxiety associated with smoking cessation.  An effective hypnosis program encourages relaxation, exercise and healthy diet along with the elimination of the smoking habit.  Hypnosis makes you think of yourself as a non-smoker who has no desire for cigarettes or anything to do with them.

A hypnosis program addresses the psychological habit, the physical addiction and the emotional self image.  Nicotine addiction is a complex matter, so it must be combatted on a number of different levels for successful smoking cessation to take place.

Either along with other methods or by itself, hypnosis is a viable option to try to get yourself smoke-free and healthier for many more years to come.  Many smokers who have tried to quit for years and were unsuccessful, tried hypnosis and are now smoke free.

Comparing the cost of hypnosis to the ongoing cost of cigarettes, hypnosis is much less expensive.  When it comes to health care costs, the savings are huge.  Most importantly, the matters of health, longevity and quality of life gained by quitting smoking are priceless.

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