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I drink lemon water a lot. I’ve been doing this for years and years because I’ve seen how it benefits my health. What I do is squeeze two eights of a lemon into my drinking water (a large cup of it so it’s not too sour) in the morning. It’s a great way to clear my palette and also a great way to help couteract the acidity of the daily coffee I drink every morning.

Coffee is very acidic once in the body, whereas lemon juice, contrary to common belief, is very acid-neutralizing or alkaline in nature once inside the body.  A body that is more on the alkaline side is more conducive to overall health and wellness.

Not only am I giving my body something more alkaline, but I’m also getting a really nice dose of vitamin C first thing in the morning. I eat things that contain this vitamin throughout the day, but that’s ok because vitamin C is one that you constantly pee out of your body and need to replenish on a daily basis.

I also find that drinking lemon water lends itself to clearer skin. My skin, which is still acne prone even at the ripe age of 37 due to me having very oily skin, tends to still break out in acne once in a while. Drinking lemon water does noticeably help with flareups, and I think it’s because it reduces acidity, which has been linked to acne (see herbal acne remedies for more info).

Lemons also contain beneficial nutrients called bioflavoinoids. Their juice contains this as well, especially since when you squeeze a lemon, much of the pulp and content of the flesh comes out with it. You can see evidence of this in your lemon water as the tiny flakes dance around at the bottom of your cup and up toward the top.

Lemons also contain vitamin A (read past article about vitamin A of asthma), potassium and even some calcium.  These are likely what make the lemon juice so acid-neutralizing since minerals tend to neutralize acid.  They are loaded with antioxidant properties. Lemon juice has anti inflammatory and naturally antiseptic properties as well, meaning it can kill harmful bacteria and other organisms on contact.

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