March 2015
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Love the Commercials About Feeding Kids Crap

There are commercials out there for a health drink for kids that I absolutely love. Even though the shake they’re selling may not be made with the greatest ingredients (I honestly don’t know), I like the message that their advertising campaign sends to parents.

In the commercial that I’ve seen several times, parents are watching their kids do various things like play sports with other kids or sitting in a classroom.  The kids are sporting various costumes. One is a donut, the other is some french fries, and they look really sluggish and tired, unable to focus and concentrate and ready for bed time.

The kids that look like themselves – sans that junk food costumes – are bright, seem to not be suffering from any sort of temporary ADD, and seem energetic and happy – not ready to fal asleep standing up.

Those kids, the ad’s angle takes, are the ones that had this health drink for lunch, and the other kids are the ones that had junk food for lunch.  The proud parents who fed their kids something nutritious have that knowing, ensuring look on their faces, and it’s a really great message, even if the parents who watch the commercials don’t run out and buy the intended message.

It is very true about kids. They are what they eat, just like us adults are. If you feed them sugary, fatty and sky high carb foods, they will burn out of energy in an hour, be starving again, and then lack the energy and focus they need to get through their long days at school – much less get up and get some natural exercise by playing with other children.


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