Mira Hair Growth Oil - Women Grow Hair Incredibly Long and Strong with This Oil

Minoxidil 10% is a drug which is available and comes in two forms. The drug is used to deal with two different conditions.

Taken orally, it is used for high blood pressure. However, it is also used as topical solution. In this case, it is used for hair loss treatment and prevention of baldness.

Minoxidil and hair loss are two things that go together well. Minoxidil 10% treatments have been used for a few years in order to  stop hair loss and prevent baldness – in men as well as in women.

Minoxidil such as is found in Provillus, was actually the first drug which was approved by the FDA in order to treat androgenetic alopecia, which is hair loss.

It had originally been used as an oral tablet to deal with high blood pressure. The side effects of the drug included growth of hair as well as decrease of baldness.

Therefore, a solution of Minoxidil to be used topically was developed, and it is actually an ingredient in a product that we recommend here at HerbalNews, for the natural regrowth of hair in women and prevention of future hair loss shown below.

Also, there is another product called Profollica which is a great natural alternative to regrowing women’s hair that is compared with Provillus here Profollica vs. Provillus for hair loss.

Most of the time, people use Minoxidil in order to be able to re grow their hair. It is a general preference overall to have a full head of hair, and therefore Minoxidil has been used with wide success and had become widely popular as well. It is used to stimulate the hair growth in the areas of the head which have stopped growing hair.

Female Hair Growth

Although Minoxidil 10% is safe for men and women, there are some precautions. First of all, if you have had an allergic or otherwise unusual reaction to either Minoxidil or to propylene glycol, which is a chemical found in the Minoxidil solution, you should not use the topical Minoxidil for hair loss.

Also, if you have had trouble with preservatives or dyes, it might not be the best choice for you either.

Some drugs might change the way that Minoxidil works, and might make you prone to a reaction. These drugs include cortisone, or drugs that are like cortisone. Also, petroleum jelly or tretinoin that you are already using on your scalp might cause problems if you use them along with Minoxidil.

If you have sunburn or another type of irritation on your scalp already, this might cause you to absorb too much of the Minoxidil into your system through your scalp, and this could be dangerous.  Also, Minoxidil might be passed through breast milk from mother to child. So, if you are breastfeeding, it is not a good idea to use Minoxidil for hair loss.

When it comes to Minoxidil and hair loss, the Minoxidil 10% treatments have been widely successful for many people. It is a topical solution which is usually applied to the scalp and to areas where the hair is thinner. It absorbs through the skin, and for some people, causes a reversal of hair loss, and even hair re growth.

When you apply the Minoxidil solution, you should use it once a day and apply with a pump into your hand. Then, you can spread it onto your scalp. You want to be sure that the scalp is clean and dry before you apply the Minoxidil with your fingers. Then, be sure to wash your hands carefully when you are finished.

You want to let the Minoxidil set in your scalp for two to four hours before working with your hair, or before taking off clothing or doing anything that might disrupt the solution on your scalp.

Sometimes, Minoxidil and hair loss go hand in hand in another way. As you start the Minoxidil treatments, you might grow more hair than you expect in areas that are adjacent to the affected area. For a women, this might be tough, especially if the unwanted hair growth occurs on the face. However, most women report that they enjoy the hair growth that Minoxidil provides to them.

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