By Natural Advocate | April 24, 2011 - 11:28 am - Posted in Herbal & Natural Beauty

Skin whitening, or lightening creams, have been popular amongst women and men with darker complected skin tones who want to have a fairer skin tone. However, the most popular ingredients in these skin lightening creams were thought to be extremely harmful, and could even lead to skin cancers when used regularly.

Hydroquinone and mercury were the too popular chemicals, and they both have a bad rap as being carcinogenic, and personally to me, they deserve that reputation.  I would recommend avoiding these two chemicals, among many others, in any type of cosmetic or beauty product.

Now, women and men who desire lighter skin tones may have a better, natural option that does not have the carcinogenic implications the current options do.

The plant based chemical that may be useful in skin whitening is called the cinnamomum subavenium plant. Just like it sounds, this is a relative of the common cinnamon plant. It works in an interesting way to make the skin pigment lighter.

It actually has a natural chemical in it that blocks the enzymes in the skin which are responsible for darker skin pigments, thereby making the overall skin tone lighter where the cream is applied with this ingredient.  It could actually be a LOT more effective than the current skin lightening creams that are on the market today – and safer, to boot.

Skin lightening creams are actually quite a large market now, so it should be interesting to see if we watch a product with this natural plant source of skin lightener come out in the next few years. It certainly would be a welcome change to the carcinogenic ingredients that are out there now.

I’m all about natural skin care products. Our skin is the largest, more protective organ we have, and we must take care not to load it with chemicals.

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