April 2014
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Natural Deodorant

Why is using only a natural deodorant and antiperspirant so important for you and your body? First off, your under arms are very close in proximity to some very important clusters of lymph nodes. Second, you wear deodorant all day, every day, which means it has a lot of opportunity to enter the blood stream via the skin.

What is the significance of the lymph nodes?  Lymph nodes basically carry any toxins that enter your body throughout your entire body via their intricate transport system.  There are actually several hundred lymph nodes found throughout the body, and many times they are found in clusters, as they are near your under arms.

Your lymph nodes are responsible for defending the body against viruses, and are a major source of power for your immune system.  There is actually information that suggests aluminum in linked to breast cancer as well, another reason to at least ban aluminum in your deodorant of choice.

Doesn’t it makes sense to not put any contaminants or toxins in this very sensitive area, where they stay all day long, every day?  This is why so many people have converted to natural deodorants – they are catching on that deodorant doesn’t just stay on the surface of your skin, but it absorbs into your blood stream.

Most commercial deodorants, even some of the aluminum free formulas, contain chemicals like propylene glycol, and heavy metals like aluminum, along with other synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and so on and so forth.  We wear deodorant every day, and we definitely are absorbing those contaminants into our skin.

We tend to think that eating toxic chemicals is the worst thing we can do, but applying unnatural products to our skin, especially in sensitive and absorbant areas where they stay all day long, like in the underarms, we really are absorbing a lot of these as well.

100% natural deodorants can be effective, you just have to know which ones to choose. Many times, unfortunately, the common aluminum or chemical free deodorants found in grocery and natural foods stores, don’t cut it. They don’t absorb enough odor, they may not cut bacterial growth, which is what causes the odor, enough, and they may also do nothing to stop the wetness.

This new natural deodorant formulation by my new endeavor Aura Sensory does all that, with no chemicals.  Now, it’s not that it won’t let you sweat, because you will still sweat to some degree, but it cuts odor even on the most stubborn customers such as my 6 foot 3, 210 pound husband.

My father also says it was remarkable how much it cut the odor and how much longer it lasted than the other natural deodorants commonly found at various retail outlets he used, and it contains no aluminum, no propylene glycol, and absolutely NO synthetic fragrances, preservatives or contaminants.

And finally, I myself, who formulated this deodorant, tested it in numerous ways on myself. I found that even after a day where I had gone to the gym, had stressful meetings at work (you know that distinct smell of “stress sweat”), I had absolutely NO odor at the end of the day.

It’s very hard to find a really effective, odor cutting, sweat reducing formula that is all natural, because a lot of companies still use some unnatural components in their formulations, and you still can’t get the same results you get with the chemical laden formulations that abound by commercial brands.

That is a large part of the reason that I started to research how to make an effective, yet all natural under arm deodorant. I was tired of getting sub par results with the brands I was buying.  I’d definitely give this one http://www.aurasensory.com/natural-deodorant.html a try, I think you’ll be converted! And don’t forget, you can ask your local grocer or natural foods store to carry it if you don’t always want to wait for it to come in the mail.