Get Your Life Back by Quitting

Anyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking knows how hard it is, and recent research has confirmed the reasons. Nicotine, a primary substance in tobacco, is one of the most addictive substances known today.

This is because when you smoke, the nicotine you get from the cigarette over-stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain.

The body reacts to this over stimulation by growing more neurotransmitters to handle what it recognizes as an overflow of a naturally occurring chemical in the brain.

This whole process can be mimicked by the Zero Nicotine natural quit smoking patch, which is a smoking patch that helps with withdrawal symptoms.

Which is exactly why so many people find it difficult to quit smoking, and quit for good.  The body becomes addicted to these extra stimulants, which incidentally make you feel good, at least temporarily.  When you quit smoking, you go through withdrawal, which can be really tough. Here’s why.

Those additional neurotransmitters require more nicotine, and more nicotine stimulates the body to produce more neurotransmitters. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.  This herbal smoking cessation patch is what we recommend to help support your endeavor to quit smoking for good.

When you try to quit smoking, your body reacts with craving, irritability, headaches, thirst and a whole host of other physical symptoms. That’s your body begging for the drug to which it has become accustomed.

Zero Nicotine Herbal Smoking Cessation Patch

As your body becomes more used to having less nicotine pumped into it, it gradually shuts down the extra receptors so that the physical symptoms lessen.  The most difficult period to get through is the first few weeks when all of those extra receptors are active and clamoring for their usual dose of stimulant nicotine.

Stop smoking aids like nicotine gum and nicotine patches can help a quitting smoker get through that period by delivering nicotine to those receptors so that you don’t have to deal with withdrawal symptoms at the same time that you’re dealing with the psychological and social aspects of not smoking.

The problem with using nicotine gums and patches is that you’re still feeding the addiction to nicotine, and your body is still craving it. Recently, a whole new class of quit smoking aids has been introduced that contain all natural ingredients and no nicotine whatsoever.

These all natural quit smoking patches contain herbal extracts that fool your brain into believing that it is getting nicotine, along with other extracts that help rid your body of the toxins accumulated over the years of smoking.

The herbal extracts in most all natural stop smoking patches are designed to attack the problem of nicotine addiction on three different fronts:

  • reduce physical addiction by mimicking the action of nicotine
  • relieve the physical and psychological symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

  • help your body rid itself of the toxins built up over years of cigarette use

The various formulas may include herbs like gentian and peppermint to stimulate your circulation, skullcap, a natural sedative to relieve tension and Echinacea and slippery elm to sooth sore throat and coughs that frequently accompany attempts to quit smoking.

The most effective of the all natural herbal quit smoking aids are stop smoking patches. The stop smoking patches take advantage of the fact that skin absorption is one of the most effective methods of delivering continuous doses of medication directly into your bloodstream.

A quit smoking patch gets the medication into your system faster than any kind of pill or gum because it doesn’t have to be digested first. It is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. You don’t have to remember to take it every few hours.

You put on a patch every three days and then forget about it. The patch stays there and gradually releases the herbal extracts into your body so that you stop craving cigarettes and nicotine.

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking before using nicotine gum or patches, all natural stop smoking aids may be the answer. They’re a safe, natural way to reduce cravings and physical symptoms of withdrawal while helping your body start to heal itself.

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