Transdermal Patch

If you have ever gone through the ordeal of trying to quit smoking, you know that the quitting process is sometimes more detrimental to your health than the smoking itself was.

Your mental health definitely; sometimes your physical health as well. Most of the advertised “solutions” to smoking are as physically draining as the cigarettes, mostly because they are all synthetic and do not occur naturally.

If you have never heard of natural quit smoking products, they are readily available, and my favorite way to take them is the continuous release patch, which releases steady doses of mood lifting, appetite suppressing ingredients.

According to some experts, natural smoking solutions such as specially rendered herbs to help you stop smoking are much healthier for the body than the corporate synthetic products you see commonly marketed.

The way to determine the best solution for you is to first understand what cigarette smoking does to your body and mind.

It has been well documented that the active ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine is the stimulant that releases endorphins, the natural chemical in the body which cause the feelings of controlled alertness and calm happiness.

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However, the body can not store nicotine, and as when any artificial stimulant releases large amounts of a naturally occurring bodily product, such as testosterone with steroids and seretonin with the street drug ecstacy, the body will stop production of that body product.

The lack of endorphins gradually makes the cigarette user need cigarettes more frequently and in greater dosages to achieve the same effect.

Aside from this, there are many poisonous products in cigarettes like carbon monoxide, tar, and acetone which release themselves into your body with a multiplicative effect.

The poisons do not do much for the body’s ability to heal itself, increasing the need for an artificial solution even more.

The need for cigarettes is both mental and chemical.

The mental component of the addiction compounds the physical, and is sometimes why the completely mentally based natural solution hypnotherapy has been proven to work by the Cochrane Collaboration studies first done in 2006.

Acupuncture, which is thought to be a physical solution, has been proven to be more mentally based than previously thought. In 2006, a study showed that acupuncture alone was not more effective in helping people to quit smoking than acupressure, electrostimulation, laser therapy, or stopping cold turkey.

However, acupuncture plus education on the cessation of smoking was more effective, seemingly showing that the actual stimulant for the smoking cessation was the mental suggestion given by the educational sessions.

The most effective natural quit smoking products have always been chemically and physically based therapy. Lobelia, a naturally occuring herb, helps patients quit smoking because it is thought to have the same chemical effects on the body as nicotine.

Also, St. John’s wort has been shown to have some short term positive effects. Ginseng prohibits the body from releasing dopamine when a cigarette is smoked. (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes smokers feel good after smoking and its natural decline in the body caused by smoking is a major cause for cigarette addiction.)

However, ginseng has not been proven to stop smoking in patients when it is used alone.

Other herbs can counteract the poisonous effects of the other ingredients in cigarettes. Naturally occuring ingredients like peppermint, myrrh, alfalfa, ginger root, oat, eucalyptus, and echinacea have been shown to increase and magnify the body’s natural defenses to the toxins listed above, and can help the body heal itself.

There are completely natural quit smoking products which are applied as transdermal patches. Transdermal patches which release a combination of the herbal remedies such as lobelia along with other natural ingredients such as echinacea and peppermint and have been shown to be quite effective in stopping smoking.

One transdermal patch which contains many of these ingredients is the Zero Nicotine herbal smoking cessation patch. It has also been quite well reviewed online. For the absolute most effective quit smoking solution, research results seem to show that the way to go is the transdermal patche which releases a combination of natural healants and herbs.

Most doctors will recommend a gradual program of increasing intensity. Since cigarette addiction is both mental and physical, your health care professional should first test your mental capacity to release your body from the addiction as well as your physical capacity to heal and restore former levels of the neurotransmitters and stimulants which cigarettes artificially supplied.

If it is determined that you need a physically or chemically based solution, you should make sure that he or she is aware of the natural quit smoking products available on the market as well as the other more heavily marketed solutions.

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