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I’ve tried many colon cleansers, some of them don’t work at all or give you debilitating cramps and gas so bad that it’s not even worth the idea that you are cleansing this vital organ out and prepping it to get waste through more efficiently and help your body circulate the toxins out of your body at an expedited rate.  I’ve even tried some herbal colon cleansers that work at first (meaning for like the first day), and then they actually make me constipated again.

One of the ones I really like is the Dual Action cleanse because it addresses all aspects of cleansing the colon and digestive tract because it has not only a colon cleansing formula which helps you expedite the ridding of waste built up in the colon and intestines, but it also helps you to replenish the beneficial organisms in the colon and digestive tract that help it run more efficiently and keep the nasty bugs at bay that give you gas and contribute to irregular bowel movements.

I tried the Nautre’s Secret colon cleansing formula, and I liked it as a colon cleanser.  It did give me a bit of cramping, but I found it to be extremely fast acting.  Note, you may not want to take this if you know you have to be somewhere in a few hours where you won’t have easy access to a bathroom because it happens to work much faster when you are up and about, not sleeping, than at nighttime when you are laying down.

I made that mistake, and found that only two hours after I took the Nature’s Secret colon cleanser, I had to run to the bathroom several times.  It was a smooth evacuation pretty much, but it was instant, and it wasn’t going to wait for anything.  I think if you take it a for a few days it should do the trick, or if you happen to be eating a lot of colon clogging foods that week you may need to use it twice a day.

I found that one tablet worked fine for me.  I made sure I chewed it though, and it does taste horrible.  I am a believer that you should chew anything, because if you don’t, you run the risk that it will not be fully used by the body or broken down correctly, and could be passed through the body undigested and unused. 

One downside to this herbal colon cleanser though, is that they are in tablet form, and I like capsules better because you can swallow them whole because they are already powdered, and are designed to break down in the stomach quickly, while tablets you usually should chew.  They were very bitter to the taste, so they did make me gag a bit. 

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