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I had to laugh.  The other night my boyfriend and I were watching “The Office” on tv, and they were making fun of some of the fad diets because it was an episode where the office was in some sort of contest to lose weight with another Dunder Mifflin office, so everyone was scrambling to lose as much weight as humanly possible, and you know on that show they would make that as funny as possible. 

Kelly Kapour, the shallow one, chose to go on the Master Cleanse diet, although they didn’t call it that, it was made with maple syrup and some other stuff, so you know it was a takeoff of that fad diet.  She was miserable on her second day, had the sniffles and looked terrible, and on the next day, she passed out.  That’s not too far off from how the real diet makes you feel during the first few days of deprivation.  I’ve actually tried it and couldn’t make it past the third day both times.

Now, they say there is a new breed of cleansing, detox-type diets that are a kinder, gentler version of the strict ones that are based on water and very little caloric intake as well as some potentially dubious ingredients whom some say it’s never been proven are beneficial to the body, at least not enough to warrant some of the detox diet’s claims. 

The newer detox, cleansing diets are mostly comprised of pureed fruits and dark vegetables, which provides tons of nutrients as well as enough calories, fiber, and even some protein thrown in there, so you don’t fee like you’re on your last legs by the time you hit day two or three.

The idea of detox diets is to help cleanse and purify the body’s insides, meaning the digestive tract, the colon, and even other organs, such as the liver.  Some detox diets even claim they can purify and cleanse the blood and the liver and kidneys, making the body again function at peak levels as it did before it was clouded with all the phony and processed foods that seem to be so abundant in the American diet. 

I’m all for this type of detox diet, which is more aimed at overall health promotion instead of quick weightloss and claims of instant body purification, when in fact some say that they basicaly starve the body, which accounts for the “cleansed” feeling. I also think that herbal colon cleansers are good once in a while to help the colon cleanse itself of the buildup it may get and to help it speed up the elimination process that helps to keep it clear of debris and other clogging agents such as mucous.   

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