March 2015
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New Device May Help Migraine Sufferers

A new device may offer hope to an often difficult to treat, and often painful and debilitating condition : the migraine headache (although the headache part is often just one little piece of this disturbing illness).

Only thing is, the device is supposed to be implanted into the skin on the back of the neck (ouch), and the results aren’t strong enough yet to win FDA approval specifically for the treatment of migraines.

Another somewhat scary thought is that the device works by delivering mild electric shocks, which you shouldn’t feel at all, but which are supposed to reduce the amount of pain or discomfort, or the actual occurrences of, migraine headaches and their associated symptoms.

However, some patients in the trials showed significant relief and reduction in occurrences of migraine headaches.  The device is already being used in Europe, and may be soon allowed in hospitals for the relief of migraine pain if it can get through the rigorous approval process.

If you think about your friends and family, I bet there are a few people at least that you can think of who you know that suffer from migraines to varying degrees. I’d recommend you check out Migone natural migraine remedy if you are looking for a smart, economical and all natural way to remedy your migraines.

Migraines can really affect your quality of life, depending on their severity and how you experience your symptoms.  Some people experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness and vertigo (some so bad they cannot get out of bed), flashing lights in front of the eyes, extreme light sensitivity, and an array of other symptoms that are pretty undesirable!

Some of the triggers that have been identified for migraines are caffeine, sugar, other types of stimulants, weather changes, stress, anxiety, and a laundry list of individual triggers that the medical community may not even have identified since they can be highly individual in the way they are triggered.


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