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I’ve added a new page about something that is somewhat of a hot topic with thyroid conditions coming more to the forefront now, and for some reason the increasing incidence of both hyper and hypo thyroid in people, including young adults and children.

Hypothyroidism is not only a potentially life altering condition of an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroid as it is currently medically termed, but it can cause hair loss, which is a main concern for many people, besides the obvious ones of uncontrollable weight gain, depression, and other unpleasant side effects of this thyroid gland condition.

The new page is Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss.

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  1. January 7, 2007 @ 2:23 am

    Herbal remedies for Hypothyroidism
    According to Ayurveda, taking adequate quantities of milk can help in preventing goitre. Also rice, barley, Bengal gram, moong dal and cucumber are recommended for patients suffering from goitre. They should of course avoid heavy and sour foods. Herbs that are found useful in treatment of thyroid disorders include Kanchanara, Jatamansi, Shilajita, Brahmi guggulu, gokshura, and punarnava.

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