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The adverse side effects of so many modern prescsription pain medications are evident. Not only that, their addictive nature has spiraled out of control.  This has been drawn into the national spotlight as several celebrities have fallen victim to dangerous drug cocktails that often involve highly addictive pain medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin (see our past story on the problems with Oxycontin addiction).

Celebrities like Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith have all been victims who paid the ultimate price for combining multiple heavy hitting drugs.  Brittany Murphey’s 2009 death was linked to combinations of precsription drugs found at her home, although her official cause of death was primarily pneumonia.

Her husband mysteriously died of similar circumstances months after her, which seemed to disappear from the headlines relatively quickly for some reason and didn’t cause as much inquisition as one would think.

A new pain killer medication that is supposed to target pain by interrupting the nerves that cause pain has been put on blast by the FDA due to indications that it may cause bone decay.  It seems that most pain medications have side effects because they somehow trip other areas of the body to malfunction in some way, which suggests that nature does  not intend for us to be able to quell pain in such ways.

I was on Vicodin extra strength for my oral surgery a few years ago, and I can attest to how truly addictive these opiate type pain pills can be. I didn’t realize that I was going through withdrawal from the medication until I snapped at my husband for absolutely no reason and wanted to crawl out of my own skin for an entire day or two.

They are addictive because they really do make you feel “good” and they do take all traces of pain away because they essentially get you high. There I said it, they get you high!


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