Provillus Hair Loss Systems Male and Female Formulas

There have been numerous questions about these two natural hair loss products, Provillus (formulas for men and women) and Profollica (Profollica only offers a men’s formula), both of which I feel are excellent products with slightly different merits.

So I decided to put together a Provillus and Profollica review on one page so you could view, side by side, the differences and individual attributes of each of these herbal hair loss treatments.

Let me first state that Profollica only has a men’s formula currently, while Provillus offers effective male and female formulas, as hair loss affects both sexes, not just one, although male pattern baldness does outweigh the occurrence of female patter baldness by leaps and bounds.

So women, the review of Provillus is the one I recommend you read for it’s merits for female hair loss.

It is thought that excess DHT binds to the follicle of the hair and basically forces hair to fall out, damaging the follicle, and making it impossible, or at least harder and harder for that hair to be replaced as it should during the natural stages of hair growth and hair loss.

Remember, hair loss is a normal thing – we all lose anywhere from 50 to one hundred strands of hair each day, it’s just the natural process by which our hair renews itself and turns over, much like the skin.

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This is why chemotherapy patients often lose their hair, because hair is a rapidly dividing cellular structure, like cancer is, and chemo attacks the hair because it’s structure is to rapidly divide and expend itself.

DHT, while it is thought to not actually make the hair fall out, makes it more difficult for hair to be replaced and turn over normally when the hair goes through it’s normal turnover process, and this, in the end is what leads to balding and thinning hair.

Now that we’ve gotten “Hair Loss 101″ out of the way, let’s talk about the first product I want to discuss in our review of Provillus (see a full page review here) and Profollica products below.

We will review Profollica below with bullet points of it’s pros, said working mechanism and price points, as well as other selling points for the product as a natural, inexpensive way to regrow hair and prevent further hair loss in both men and women.

Profollica features the following :

Profollica, See Discounts, Package Pricing Specials Here Only

1.)  Several testimonials by customers, male and female who have had excellent experiences with the use of the product.  They testify that they have noticed improvement in the following areas after a few weeks, and even better in a few months, after use :

Less hair loss is noticed, so less hair is falling out.  Softer, more resilient feeling hair, and a noticeable difference in fullness and thickness.

2.)  I like Profollica over Provillus for men only a little because it provides a complete system (you can visit the site via it’s product image to the left to see current specials and product indications, they are too lengthy to list here).

They add a liquid that is applied directly to the scalp which helps nourish the follicles and move growth along, as well as a shampoo, which helps free up sebum and other penetration-inhibiting and clogging agents that prevent the liquid solution from absorbing and going to work on the root.

3.)  This product offers a sixty day money back guarantee.  If you wanted to take advantage of that, you should buy 2 months worth, so you can gauge whether the product is working for you or has produced any improvement during the guarantee period of 60 days.

I like the 60 day guarantee, because it provide realistic expectations, and doesn’t make claims that it will work instantaneously.

Nothing works instantaneously, it always involves steady, consistent use, and this sets the bar for that and encourages customers to actually use the product regularly, which is vital for success. 

Profollica, when compared with Provillus is probably my overall favorite because it’s more of a complete solution, plus as a side note and a pet peeve of mine, it offers free 2 day shipping when you order the larger packages, which is definitely a bonus when shipping charges can get very high.

And I know that this also has nothing to do with product effectiveness, but more with product value, but the higher the package purchased, the more your discount, and I like this too.  See below for my review of Provillus and why it has some great points as well in the world of hair loss solutions.

Provillus features the following :

1.)  The biggest advantage that Provillus has over Profollica is the fact that it now, in addition to offering an herbal and vitamin rich supplement to enhance hair growth and strength, combines this with a topical solution that contains the ingredient minoxidil.

Minoxidil originally was used as a vasodillator in a treatment for people with high blood pressure, and was subsequently also found to have abilities to inhibit hair loss and produce new hair growth.  It was then put on the market in one of the most recognized hair growth products to this day, called Rogaine.

While the fact that Provillus contains this well known ingredient is generally a plus, there are some known side effects of minoxidil, and those include scalp itchiness and the possibility of an initial increase in hair loss before it slows it down.  This may make some users nervous, and likely to quit using the product before it actually starts to work it’s magic.

However, I must say that the fact Provillus contains minoxidil is impressive, and should not be overlooked for fear of side effects which may or may not happen, but instead considered for the possibility of its overall benefits.

Also, Provillus, like Profollica, offers a sliding scale on larger packages, so you can see a dramatic savings in product units when you “purchase in bulk” so to speak.  One thing I did not like about it though is shipping costs on all packages.

Like I said though, that’s just a pet peeve of mine when it comes to product value, nothing more.  This may not bother you, especially considering all the other benefits the product offers in relation.

For a more complete review of this hair loss solution though, please see our comprehensive Provillus review, as we did not want to take up too much of your time on this page if you didn’t want to read about all the pluses and minuses.

Hopefully this comparison review of Provillus versus Profollica has helped you compare two of the biggest products on the market that naturally enhance hair growth and stop future hair loss and balding.

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