Mira Hair Growth Oil Helps You Get Long, Luxurious, Silky Hair FAST

You’ve probably lost count of the number of advertisements on television offering remarkable full hair regrowth and anti-aging techniques to the mainstream public.

But do you trust in the effectiveness of this hair loss treatment, or dismiss it as another potential scam or crock designed to prey on the insecurities of those that have lost their hair?

Please see the following review of the Provillus natural hair loss remedy which has formulas for both male and female hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.

There’s a tendency to treat the bold claims of these independent businesses with a grain of salt. After all, they’re surely fighting the relentless forces of nature, aren’t they?

However, even your inner skeptic can’t ignore the fact that there are some very powerful treatments out there now for people who are losing their hair, and I’ve actually found that Provillus is one of them.

Especially now that they have a Minoxidil based solution in addition to their already potent hair growth supplement that contains all the basic building blocks your body needs to safely and effectively regenerate hair that is strong, lustrous and healthy.

Provillus Before/After Female Formula

To their credit, Provillus have nurtured a promising combination of a naturally hormone-modifying based treatment which aims to reverse the natural effects of hair loss – rather than providing an artificial solution to the problem.

They’ve also taken the rare step of offering a separate, targeted treatment to women, as well as men.

Both formulas use the very successful topical ingredient called minoxidil in their topical solution for regrowth.

So, in addition to taking a supplement that helps your body to regenerate healthy hair and nourish the follicles, you are also getting a double whammy by applying a topical solution which helps to facilitate an optimum hair growth environment.

There’s a reason why minoxidil, which is a key component of the Provillus system, is approved by the FDA, it has been proven to be safe, and also to be effective at assisting in natural hair regrowth in both men and women, so I like the fact that the Provillus line uses this powerful topical aide.

So what does it entail exactly? The research has been based around the involvement of Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) in hair loss as we grow older. Provillus hair loss remedies for men and women have established that as we develop through our youthful years, DHT is an important ingredient for remaining healthy.

But the same hormone by-product is also a key reason behind the thinning of hair follicles later in life.

Provillus aims to restore healthy hair through the prevention of DHT from taking its natural course in the body. You’re probably assuming that the treatment is a slight risk if the DHT is crucial to early development. But unlike other hormone treatments, Provillus provides a breakthrough formula to retain important nutrients while still acting to block out DHT.

The result of this is a clearly defined improvement in the texture of hair, and it’s hard to argue with the visual evidence. Provillus is designed to supplement your system and thus it isn’t the sort of treatment that will leave dangerous side effects in its usage.


The Provillus natural supplement is taken orally, so it enters the blood stream and starts to work on the underlying causes behind hair loss.

It helps prep the follicles for new hair growth,  prevents further hair loss by strengthening the bonds, and helps modify chemical reactions in the body which tend to lead to hair loss.

Provillus promises that you’ll notice a distinct difference in the depth of your hair, and that it will feel much healthier.

The company claim is backed up by a full money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied with your treatment, and the Provillus reviews from clients are pretty promising as well.

You can order two sample bottles from them and determine for yourself whether the treatment is right for you.

They give discounts for the larger packages, so you get a much better price per unit if you buy more product.

I would suggest you use this or any other hair loss product for six months at least, to get the maximum benefit.

If you choose to visit their website to the left, you can find some excellent video testimonials from men and women (they have a separate site for each) that can help you learn more about what to expect and what kind of results others have been getting with this product.

There’s nothing better than a video review of a product, because you can actually see that it’s a real person, whereas with written reviews and testimonials, you can’t be sure they weren’t just written up by an editor.

It takes a while for the hair follicles to return to their full growth potential, so the longer you stay on a product like the Provillus hair loss system, which contains a supplement with hair growth boosting minerals, vitamins and natural extracts, the greater your regrowth will be, and a topical minoxidil growth formula which is an FDA approved ingredient and a very successful addition to any hair loss remedy, and the healthier the hair on your head will be.

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