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One of the more fascinating possibilities on the medical horizon for potential antiaging usage is the drug called Rapamycin.  Rapamycin was initially found in the 1970’s in the soil of Easter Island.  It has been used for it’s immunosuppressive qualities with transplant patients to minimize the chance of organ rejection.

HGH for anti aging has been a known hormone that is circulating in our bodies naturally, which scientists have tried to duplicate via injections and even HGH supplements, but this is a little different because it is something that is found in the earth, not a chemical that is in our body already.

Experiments and research on mice are finding another possible use for Rapamycin which is a signifigant slowing of the aging process.  The mice used for the research were about equivalent to a human that was 60 years old.  Researchers used a special feed to administer a time released version of the Rapamycin so the mice could absorb the drug into their bloodstream.  The results if these experiments showed that Rapamycin did increase the life span for the trial mice, both male and female, at all three testing centers.

The increase in the life span of the mice averaged 28 to 38% which translates to about 30 years in a human life.  The research is intriguing and shows a lot of hope but researchers caution that we do not know if humans would benefit in the same way that the mice responded to the Rapamycin.

Of major concern with the use of Rapamycin for humans is the immunosuppressive qualities.  The mice involved in the study were kept in a pathogen free environment to protect against infection.  For the human population, the avoidance of infection in the same manner would not be feasible.

Rapamycin is also marketed under the name Sirolimus.  In addition to it’s immunosuppressive qualities, Rapamycin is also antiproliferative.  Sirolimus is being researched for possible treatment of cancer as well as the treatment of autism.

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