By Natural Advocate | July 1, 2012 - 9:18 am - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

I write this as my husband is driving the car and I have my knees up to my chin, feet on the dash board of the car. When else would you get to sit like this, in such a carefree, childlike position as when you’re on a long road trip?

We are on our way down to South Carolina to visit family and we make this trip about once a year, usually in the summer time. We travel in the car because we actually don’t mind road trips that are eight hours or under. Any more than that and the relaxation factor seems to dramatically diminish.

We make a nice trip out of it. Instead of driving straight through on a militant schedule, we do make a few stops on the way, which breaks the trip up nicely and makes you feel more like you’re on a vacation rather than having to make it somewhere at a certain time and making it a chore.

Usually we’ll take turns driving, although I’ll admit I let my husband do most of it. He seems to be more comfortable at the wheel and tends to drive a little faster with the traffic while I tend to stay in the slow lane and let my mind wander a bit.

Road trips make me feel like I can let my hair down because I’m driving somewhere I’ll enjoy being, and I love the scenery along the way. We’ve already seen two hawks on the way down, one gliding with its talons extended down to the ground as if honing in on some prey. That was quite a sight.

The greenery and lushness of summer is in full bloom now too so just looking at the green scenery is relaxing to the mind and body. It’s not often that you really look at the scenery you’re passing. This often only happens on a relaxing road trip.

I also start to feel very introspective and creative on road trips. I allow my mind to explore my life and really think about my dreams and aspirations. It can truly be a reflective and reparative time for me personally.

I know road trips aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly can be a welcome change to the humdrum life of waking up and going to work every day “on a mission” all the time. I love unplugging with road trips!

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