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After my most recent bout with a pretty severe cold that lasted for DAYS and DAYS after we returned from our Las Vegas vacation, where incidentally my husband and I were married, I decided that I would take some precautionary measures that I didn’t usually take in order to not get sick – at least not that sick, for that period of time – again, this winter at least.

I should probably correct “days” to weeks, because I swear whatever bug it was that I picked up either in Vegas or at the airport, it lasted for at least a week at it’s most severe, and for several weeks after that, as a sort of watered down, less severe, but stil rife with easy exhaustion and a general lacadaisical energy level on my part. It started as a sore throat and general sluggishness, and evolved into a full bloan, coughing your lungs up, head about to explode cold in the next few days.

I decided that I would try Emergen-C over this past week, just to try it out because I had read good things about it and heard good things by word of mouth as well. Some people, who take it religiously every day, swear that they do not get sick, or rarely ever get sick when taking this Vitamin C fizzy drink. It’s also got other vitamins in it, but the highest concentration is vitamin C, which is over a 1,000 per envelope.

Emergen-C also contains electrolytes, which are great for rehydrating the body and helping with headaches associated with dehydration, and alertness, and also to help with alertness and immune function, there is alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant, and quercetin. There are also a ton of B vitamins in there as well to help with energy levels, and I swear I get a little boost almost immediately after drinking my “shot” of Eemrgen-C.

There’s a modest amount of calcium – about 5% of your daily value, in each envelope, which is good to know, even thought it’s a small amount, because I’ve read that calcium is more easily absorbed when paired with vitamin C, it definitely eases my mind to know I’m getting more calcium as well, as I do feel like my diet might fall short in that area sometimes, and I am a woman, so bone density will become a concern for me as I get older. I use a little Dixie cup and just fill it up – it’s probably only like 2 oz. of water, and down it.

I’ve found this is a great way to get my vitamin C in, especially in the winter when so many germs are floating around to get you sick, as I have always believe, no matter what science says, that vitamin C boosts my immunity and prevents me from getting ill. I really enjoy the pep and energy I get from the Emergen-C, although I will say it is short lived. Most of all, I like that I’m getting vitamins and an energy boost from a little, 25 calorie, good tasting powdered drink. I actually look forward to my Emergen-C every day now. I’ll let you know if I get sick – so far, so good!

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