March 2015
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Saturated Fat Linked to Small Intestine Cancer

We all know that a diet high in saturated fats is one of the most unhealthy things for our bodies.  Saturated fats lead to elevated cholesterol readings, clogging of the arteries and a whole list of bad health readings for anyone.  So why do we keep eating these types of fats? Well, fatty foods simply taste good.  Fats really please the palette and most humans, especially women since we are hardwired to crave more fats, especially at certain times of the month since we are the child bearing sex and also need more fat on our bodies. 

But that doesn’t mean men don’t love the stuff to.  Just look at the incidence of beer bellies around and you’ll see that men are just as capable of eating a lot of fat as women are.  There are good fats and bad fats though, and one could totally avoid the bad types of fats, the saturated ones, and be fine with it.  Good fats are the omega 3 fats and those are protective because they help with heart heath, keep the skin healthy, and are also good for the digestive tract.  That’s just the beginning, omega 3’s have many other health benefits that may not even be yet discovered.

Saturated fats however, are so “saturated” that they tend to clog both the digestive system and the arteries and veins, and they should be avoided at all costs, and yet they are abundant in our fast foods, restaurant meals and processed foods that we buy in the grocery store.  There is new evidence supporting the fact that diets high in saturated fats may lead to cancer of the small intestine, which is way more rare than cancer of the large intestine and colon, even though the small intestine comprises 75% and the large only about 25% (you’d think it would be the opposite way around).

The difference between those with diets high saturated fats and those with normal fat intake or greatly reduced saturated fat intake were found to be about a three times difference, meaning those with the bad diets had a much higher rate of small intestine cancer than those with the healthier, lower fat diets.  Avoiding saturated fats means avoiding many fatty meats, certain types of cooking oils (olive oil is good though), many different butters and cooking solid fats, and many MANY fast food joints if you want to maintain small intestine health. 

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