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I’m not one of those people who can just eat whatever I want and everything goes “smoothly” with my digestion and elimination process. No…not by a long stretch of the imagination.

I always need help for my finicky system to keep things moving, reduce the amount of gas and discomfort that I tend to get even from some healthy foods, and to generally keep things operating yonder like they are supposed to so I have minimal colon health problems as I get older.

I do eat a high fiber diet on most days, and I’m very aware of the foods that set me off track when it comes to my digestive and colon health. However, that doesn’t mean that the healthy diet always works for me or that I always follow it 100% of the time.

Which is why I do like to keep some good probiotics around the house so that they can help keep me on the right track of digestive health and ease of elimination and digestion. Boy, I sound like an ad for Activia yogurt or something! But seriously, as we get older, it really is important to keep our digestion easy and smoothe, and it’s just plain more comfortable when everything is in working order.

I’ve tried a great many probiotics, some expensive and some cheap. I’ve tried them in pill form, liquid form, and of course yogurt form. I’ve found that one supplement works for me best personally, and no other one in pill form quite does the trick like it.  Most pills really don’t digest right for me, or they just don’t work the way they are supposed to.

It’s almost like they pass right through my body, having zero intended effect.  That changed when I found and tried the Schiff brand of probiotic. Schiff has a whole line of supplements. I initially tried their krill oil supplement a while ago, and I’ve also used their vitamin D supplements and they’re really great. I’ve found all their stuff to be very effective for a reasonable price.

The Shiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic formula was no exception.  I love the fact that I only have to take ONE pill in the morning and that’s it. It’s not these ridiculous directions to take three or where you have to remember to space them out or take them at certain times a day.

It’s a very simple one a day formula that you take ( I take mine in the morning, that works best for me), and it really does help. I did notice the first few times I took it I had some discomfort, but I think that’s just because the probiotics were killing off some seriously bad bacteria in my gut and this caused a sort of war in my belly that hurt.

After that, I notice an immediate benefit in ease of elmination, less gas, bloating and discomfort and a generally smoother, more effective digestive system.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is like me and has a lot of issues with digestion, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. It really is a must-have in my house now. 


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