August 2014
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Smoking Cessation and Kids

Many who quit smoking that have children say a big part of the reason they are trying to quit smoking is because of their children.  Not only do they feel guilty about the second hand smoke they are exposing their children to, but they also get edgy about the possibility of getting very sick from smoking cigarettes, and not being able to see their children grow up, get married, and fulfill their lives. 

Herbal smoking cessation products have enjoyed a huge increase in popularity, thanks to the renewed interest and booming herbal and alternative medicine market which has received so much attention because of all the wondrous things it can do for a person’s health.  Second hand smoke, especially around kids, has been linked to breathing issues or the development of breathing issues such as asthma and other bronchial disorders, although no conclusive evidence can be determined as to the extent of damage it can do.

Not only that, many parents are afraid that by their children seeing them smoke, their kids may pick up the habit at an early age and think nothing is wrong with it because they’ve seen their parents doing it before.  I’ve even known some parents to hide their habit from their kids, or quit before their children get old enough to start asking questions. 

Herbal smoking cessation is definitely worth looking into if you are a smoker and you want to quit for the health of yourself and your children.  It has helped many people get through the irresistable cravings and the inevitable withdrawal symptoms that drive people back to smoking so many times in their smoking cessation attempts.

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