March 2015
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Smoking Whacks a Decade Off

Everyone knows at this point that smoking is a deadly habit. Even though people know that the habit is not just one that has no adverse effects on their health, many people still remain in a state of denial and think “it will never happen to me” when it comes to awful diseases related to smoking such as heart disease and various types of cancer – most notably lung cancer.

Although studies have varied in the actual mortality rates for smokers vs. non-smokers, mostly because there are so many other lifestyle factors that are involved in mortality rates, they have always concluded that smoking has a definite impact on life span.

In most cases, it shortens the life span considerably. In other words, you won’t see too many octogenarians or even more so, centenarians who are puffing away on a cigarette. Smoking seems to be indicative of poorer health, all other factors excluded in other words.

The most recent study confirmed all that bad stuff we associate with puffing on cigarettes regularly. They confirmed that both men and women equally, experience roughly a 40% increase in the risk that they will die ten years earlier than they normally would have had they not smoked regularly.

So smoking appears to come with a fairly high probability that it will have about a ten year life span premium. Is it really worth it? I think this is an important study to look at not only if you’re a smoker currently, but also for teens and other young people perhaps in college to consider before they even pick up the habit.

Smoking is definitely a hard habit to break. However, there are some excellent tools at your disposal today that were not available back when I quit smoking. At least they are more well-known and easily accessed due to the information age we live in. So take advantage of one of these valuable methods to smoking cessation and take a step in the right direction – a long and healthy life.


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