By Natural Advocate | September 18, 2007 - 12:19 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

Once in a while, we all get constipated.  One of the worst things you can do is go buy one of those over the counter laxatives.  Most laxatives in pill or chocolate form contain tons of harsh chemical stimulants that really have no place in the digestive system.  Not only that, they can cause extremely uncomfortable cramping and gas, and many times leave you running to the bathroom the next morning at (of course) the most inopportune times. 

Smooth Move is a tea that is all natural and can be found in some grocery stores and most herbal and health food stores.  It is a natural solution to constipation.  Yes, it does sometimes cause light cramping, but nothing near harsh chemical laxatives, and like it’s name implies, it gives you a smooth, easy evacuation and fast overnight relief from constipation or slow bowels. 

One word of caution on any laxative is that you do not want to consistently use any type of laxative or colon cleanser, whether it is natural or not.  Your digestive tract, colon, and intestines can actually grow lazy and get used to being stimulated by laxatives, and they can all but stop working on their own.  Many women and men who have abused laxatives have learned this the hard way, and are now unable to process and eliminate normally, and may need medications or other therapies because their digestive system became reliant on laxatives. 

Any type of laxative or herbal colon cleansing system should be used with care, and is by no means a full time answer to a slow or constipated digestive system.  Herbal colon cleansing is, however, an excellent way to cleanse the digestive tract of old built up fecal matter and make a slow, stubborn elimination tract work well again. 

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