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I just read the most interesting piece of information and had to share because it is something I had honestly never been aware of up until now!  Deodorant is pretty much an every day product for us over here in the United States. It’s right on par with doing things like brushing your teeth and combing your hair in the personal hygiene department, so it’s pretty much a way of life for us.

But did you know that some people do not produce the specific bacteria that actually are solely responsible for producing that stinky smell that comes from your underarm area? That’s right. There are some people, albeit a very small portion of our population here in the US, that are genetically blessed to not have access to produce this bacteria and they literally will not smell when they sweat.

They really don’t even have to concern themselves with deodorant if they didn’t want to!  Of course, if they wanted to help stop the wetness, they would still have to use an antiperspirant (not recommended, most antiperspirants achieve this effect by plugging up the sweat glands in very unnatural ways).

The really interesting part is that there are segments of the population who have large amounts of these people who are not genetically coded to produce the bacteria. They are mostly found in the Eastern parts of China as well as Korea and some other places on earth. The US does not contain many of them, with a very small percentage of people lacking this smell-producing bacteria.

Underarm odor is a very serious matter and can be really embarrassing for people. I recommend only using an all natural deodorant ( ) because there are so many chemicals and toxins in many of the commercial brands today that expose this very delicate area to toxic chemicals, metals and by-products all day long since it stays put on your skin all day.

Or hey, if you’re one of these lucky odor-free few, then you may never have to worry about applying deodorant again in your life!  Who knew?

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