Bright Spark ADD Supplement

When parents think of their children’s physical health, they should also consider their psychological health as well. ADD and ADHD are an increasing health concern in children, and diet as well as a variety of environmental factors have been targeted as the possible source.

Children’s mental development and emotional health is a very broad field of health that includes changes in behavior, learning difficulties and concentration issues.   Supplements that improve ADD symptoms like BrightSpark have become eagerly sought by parents who are leery of such dangerous medications as Ritalin and and Adderall.

Most often when there is a mental health issue, it often comes with other problems such as a change in appetite, bedwetting, fevers, sleep problems, tantrums and weight loss.

When people think of Attention Deficit Disorder, they imagine an out-of-control, hyperactive kid. The symptoms of ADD/ADHD may be different from one kid to the next.

Talk to your child’s health care professional about having your child examined for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). It is a big step towards discovering the underlying cause of the problems.

Herbal and Natural Alternatives to ADD Medications

Although there are no tests to diagnose attention deficit disorder, the physician will ask a series of questions about past and present problems and they will compare your child’s symptoms with a checklist of known symptoms. They will also consider the severity of symptoms, how long the symptoms have lasted and where/when the symptoms appear.

If the symptoms only appear in school and not at home, or vice versa, the cause of the problems may not be attention deficit disorder. Keep in mind that hyperactivity and concentration issues can be confused with other medical problems. Your child’s doctor may require a thorough medical exam to rule out other causes for symptoms.

Finding out that your kids have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD may be a little scary at first, but it is the first step toward making an improvement their life. You can find natural supplements for ADD at many health stores and pharmacies that are used to treat the disorder.

Commonly prescribed drugs such as divalproex, lithium and carbamazepine have not shown as much improvement as even some of the natural supplements for ADD have shown, and prescribed drugs can have adverse side effects.

BrightSpark™ is a non-addictive homeopathic combination of supplements formulated specifically for children to relieve excitability, anger outbursts, distractibility and impulsiveness. It was formulated by a clinical psychologist that was under the supervision of responsible pharmacists and homeopathic doctors.

It was manufactured in a GMP registered pharmaceutical facility, and is a registered over-the-counter homeopathic remedy. The dissolvable tablets contain 100% natural ingredients. The tablets are fast acting, easy to ingest and they do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Ingredients have been listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Many of the customers who take BrightSpark have shown a remarkable improvement in behavior. Kids have also shown an improvement their moods and in the ability to concentrate. It calms overactive children. BrightSpark helps the body restore its balance at a cellular level. It also helps to reduce involuntary muscle spasms and twitching.

There are three subtypes of ADHD that are recognized by health professionals:

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type
This is when your child displays symptoms of inappropriate behavior and hyperactivity-impulsivity without showing signs of inattentiveness.

Predominantly Inattentive Type
This is when your child is inattentive and behaves inappropriately, but not is not hyperactive.

Combined Type
This is when your child is both inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive. They have difficulties paying attention to anything for a breif period of time.

Hyperactive kids are constantly in motion. They run around, climb, jump, talk incessantly and play with everything in sight. These children cannot sit still at school, the dinner table or anywhere else for that matter. This makes it extremely difficult for children to focus on school if they are too busy fidgeting, tapping their feet and squirming around in their seats.

Impulsive kids have a hard time thinking before they act. They may say inappropriate things, interrupt others without regard, display their emotions without restraint and do things without considering the consequences. Sometimes impulsive children have difficulty in waiting for things that they want or taking their turn in a game.

Homeopathic supplements have a long history of use in treating mental, physical and emotional health issues. With the right supplements, your body can heal itself. Once your body is balanced and functioning as it should, all emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues will no longer be present.

Researchers have discovered that omega-3 fatty acid is a very effective supplement in treating kids with ADD/ADHD and bipolar disorders. A study has shown an improvement in patients that eliminated processed foods and refined sugars and added an omega-3 oil supplement to their diet. In as little as two weeks, many participants showed an 80 percent reduction of symptoms without any side effects.

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