Balding and hair loss are huge concerns that are facing the American public today, for both men and women.Losing your hair is a devastating part of many people’s lives, and most people feel that there isn’t much they can do besides hair transplants, which are often costly and end up looking not so natural.

However, there are supplements like the Provillus natural supplement that can help with the growth of your hair, and the continued health and regrowth and regeneration of healthy hair and follicles, since the process is one that takes place inside of the body.

Not only that, but there are some excellent options today that combine topical hair growth agents with powerful supplements containing some of the most fundamental building blocks needed for hair growth.

These components which make up the hair, skin and nails, are usually lacking in order to growth and maintain healthy heads of hair throughout our adult life.

While a lot of people view balding, hair thinning and hair loss as a largely male problem, that is a misnomer.

Actually, female hair loss is a huge concern these days, and many women struggle with extreme thinning of the hair on the crown of the head, and occasionally hair loss so severe that they must seek medical attention to get it rectified.

Most of the time woman’s hair loss is due to some event which really messes the hormones up, so women’s hair loss can be easily helped with supplements for hair growth.  While men’s hair growth can also be immensely benefitted with natural supplements, they also have an additional problem to deal with, which is their genetics.

Supplements for Hair Growth : Derived from Nature

Male baldness is usually largely due to genetic factors, which adds another layer of complexity as to how to treat it successfully.

The earlier you catch it the better, and if you can begin preventive maintenance now with a hair growth supplement if you know you have male family tendencies to lose hair early on, then it would be of great benefit to put the building blocks in place now for firmly rooted, healthy hair growth.

Provillus is my favorite system for men and women, as it combines all the necessary vitamins discussed in an oral supplement as well as topical minoxidil for maximum and fastest, healthiest new growth possible.

So, what are these basic building blocks which synergistically combine to create the foundation for healthy hair follicles, new hair growth, and healthy current hair growth?

Well, there are plenty of vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that can be extremely beneficial whether you are trying to regrow your hair or you just want to strengthen and beautify the hair you have or you want your hair to grow really fast.  Some people take hair growth supplements for that reason alone .

I remember reading about a few female celebrities who’d said they cut their hair too short and hated it and resorted to hair growth vitamins to ensure fast, healthy growth to replenish their coveted long locks in the shortest time possible.  So, these hair accelerants really do work if you put them to work every day, and they can even help you enjoy healthier skin and nails as well since many of the ingredients are beneficial to all connective tissues.

The first ingredient, and one of the most important, that you should look for are B vitamins.  B vitamins are extremely important in the hair growth cycle.  In fact, when lab studies were done on rats, it was found that the rats that were deficient in B vitamins on purpose actually lost almost all of their hair.

The B vitamins include Biotin, which is a form of Vitamin B, which is an absolute must in any hair grow supplement, folic acid and inositol.

This vitamin, which is used primarily in Provillus supplement and topical hair growth aid, is crucial to the health maintenance of your hair, and even if you want to just maintain healthy hair and enhance the sheen and thickness of the hair, you may want to consider a supplement that includes these vitamins for good measure.

It is important to note that while healthy fatty acids (omega 3’s in particular, which are richly found in almonds, walnuts, avocados, olives, olive oil, and several other generally healthy foods), are not essential to the growth of the hair, their addition to the diet is necessary to prevent breakage, dryness and rough texture.

If you eat a diet rich in these essential fatty acids, your hair will be softer, more lustrous, and less likely to break off.

Folic acid is important to the growth and retention of the hair, and in fact some people who are extremely deficient in this vitamin, a derivative of vitamin B, may lose their hair as a side effect of the deficiency.

Folic acid can be found in the following natural foods, as well as in supplement form : Asparagus, black eyed peas, some cereals and gains are enriched with folic acid, grapefruit, lentils and some other beans are rich in this acid as well.  You may have heard that this acid is especially important for pregnant women as well.

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