By Natural Advocate | January 18, 2012 - 1:26 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

We talked last time about stress and how everyone has to deal with it in their own special way. I wanted to talk about another very important aspect of stress. That is, that even though it seems that it would always be destructive, it is actually needed to an extent to push us to new levels and heights in our lives.

The greatest achievers in our history had to overcome many obstacles. They came out ahead though.  It is essential that we go through various levels of stress to learn something new, do something that scares us, or be in situations that make us uncomfortable. That is how we grow – how we evolve.

Avoidance of all potentially stressful situations and responsibilities will actually increase fears and anxieties.  If attitude, itself, doesn’t get you through in controlling your anxiety, it is time to look at either herbal solutions or, if it is severe, seek professional medical help.

Certain cases, such as panic attacks or ongoing depression with a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy call for professional guidance.  Severe anxiety and depression, as a response to stress, can affect all parts of your body, physically, and your mind, emotionally.

Physical responses to anxiety can include fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, nausea, lightheadedness, shakiness, muscle tension, difficulty breathing naturally and difficulty falling asleep.  Of course, these symptoms, if anxiety is chronic, will adversely affect almost every body part physically.

Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating well are positive steps to take in controlling anxiety.  Taking measures to boost your confidence, such as mastering a new challenge, can help with self esteem issues that may be at the base of some anxieties.

The reasoning behind my personal choice for my New Year’s resolution is because a dysfunctional response to daily stressors can so adversely affect your body, mind and spirit.  As I’m getting older, I can see that things I got “stressed out” about ten years ago are insignificant to me today.

I don’t want to give any more time to excessive anxiety taking over and getting in the way of enjoying my life more.  I want to be in a good mood more often than not, and taking control of my stress is a major part of that for me.


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