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When it comes to focus, I’m an all or none kind of woman.  I don’t have the luxury of being able to focus at the drop of a hat, and I do tend to get silly and lose focus when I’m stressed out or over tired, which renders me basically an idiot who is unable to concentrate or think critically.

I think that moments of focus-deficit happen to us all, whether we have been diagnosed with chronic “ADD or ADHD” or not.  We all have times where we could use a little help in focusing and getting things done (like using herbs for focus), so that we can actually accomplish our goals and become more effective human beings. 

Some or the ways that I know help me personally to stay focused and on track are to make sure I get a workout in as often as I can, which means at least 4 days a week for me.  Just the simple act of working out helps me to get any excess anger and frustration out of me, leaving more room for peace, tranquility, and yes – concentration and focus.

I find that when I go through periods where I don’t work out as often as I should, my attention span really takes a dive.  This is also true when I’m not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep seems to really zap any chances that I can focus and accomplish goals.

One thing you really need to be mindful of in this day and age is keeping your smart device use to a minimum if you are trying to focus on anything and get it done. Smart phones, Blackberries, iPhones and the like are actually responsible for a lot of stolen attention, and they have created a generation of short attention spanners who are always breaking away to look at their latest emails, text and updates.

While this type of technology is obviously a boon to our society, it can also be a curse when it comes to distractions from focus. 

If you’re having difficulty concentrating, there are some great herbs for focus that can help you to stay fastened to one subject for longer by interacting with your nervous system and brain to create a better emotional state for concentration.  Couldnt’ tell you exactly how they work, but herbal remedies for ADD and increased concentration have been well reviewed by many.

Stress can also inhibit focus by distracting you from the tasks at hand, and making it so that you cannot focus for any length of time on one particular issue or piece of work. While stress in lower levels actually spurs us to perform at higher levels, too much stress has the opposite effect, and makes us less effective people.

Not suprisingly, those that don’t like their jobs or are bored by it find it very hard to focus. It may be time to consider a job change if you find yourself totally unable to dedicate any meaningful amount of time concentrating on the tasks you have at your job. It probably is a sign you’re ready for bigger better things!

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