By Natural Advocate | February 3, 2011 - 1:52 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

The winter is in full swing in the parts of the country where winter reigns supreme for the majority of the year.  That include where I live in Northeastern Ohio, so fortunately I’m a seasoned cold weather person and I know what to expect and how to bundle up for the cold and get through it without going stir crazy from being inside constantly.

One of the ways I escape the cold is to get in our far infrared sauna.  It’s a nice respite from the bone chilling cold outside, and with the classical music on and the different colored soothing lights I also put on inside of it, it’s a real treat to sit in complete, enveloping warmth for a while and to also sweat toxins out of my body at the same time.

Another way I escape the cold is to go to the tanning booth once in a while. Now I know this is controversial, but I really believe that if you eat the right away, and include a lot of brightly colored veggies, especially tomatoes, in your diet, your body has a great internal sunscreen and it is much safer for you to be exposed to UV light.

I go into the booth with more UVB light, not the kind that really tans you well, because this UVB light is the one that makes your skin produce the all important vitamin D.  Not only that, but I get an instant mood lift and psychological benefit from going into the bright light and warmth, which reminds me of the real sun.

There are some excellent herbal depression treatments that can also help you get through the winter slump with minimal lapses in good moods.

I come out of the bed feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and I don’t think that’s any accident.  There is some evidence that sunlight and light therapy helps to relieve symptoms of SAD, the Seasonal Affective Disorder that so many people get during the colder, and much darker months of the winter. We have a lot less hours of sunshine per day.

You pretty much wake up to darkness and get off work in the darkness, so it really can weigh on your mood and can actually psychologically induce a sort of depression.  Getting UV therapy is one way to counteract that, but be sure to use caution and make sure you never stay in too long or get any shade of red at ALL.

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