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Vaccines have created more controversy than ever in the past decade as more and more parents are opting to not vaccinate their children against potentially life and health threatening diseases that have been virtually eradicated due to the vaccination process.

Some say the fear of vaccines is unwarranted.  The mainstream media has even discredited a lot of the studies that occurred that seemed to show a link between various types of vaccinations and the preservatives used in them and autism in children. There is no denying that autism has been on the rise over the past several decades, and the one correlation that many parents have seen is that of vaccinations in children.

But there are many who would refute this possibility and say that the vaccine scare is a totally irrational one and that parents are actually putting their children in more danger by not getting certain vaccines than they are if they got them in the first place.

I don’t know exactly where I stand on the issue, and luckily I haven’t had any children yet to be put in the difficult position to make the decision.  But I do know I’m wary of vaccines, and I’ve seen a lot of evidence that there may indeed be a link.

The CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) have expressed concerns that diseases that were virtually gone due to inoculations may be making a come back if parents keep opting out of vaccinations.  There are many concerns that children’s health is being put at risk. On the flip side, there are concerns that vaccinating is also putting kids at risk.

Donald Trump has even come out and said that he has talked to many parents who have witness seemingly healthy, intelligent babies totally change after vaccinations. That is simply scary stuff right there, and there is no wonder so many parents are opting out, even at the eyeball rolling they usually get from their traditional doctors upon this decision.

Where do you stand on the vaccine issue? Do you think vaccines cause autism and may also contribute to other diseases?  See our previous related story on the autism/vaccine link being discredited.

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