By Natural Advocate | November 28, 2009 - 3:06 pm - Posted in Foods

When it comes to giving up all meat AND all dairy products, most Americans would scoff at the idea, as these two foods, along with starches like breads and pastas, are the staples of the American diet. However, I think that a lot of us really overlook the health benefits that can be garnered by giving up these two ridiculously delicious foods when we consider what it might be like to not eat them any more. I think that not only do we think about giving up the tastes and smells of these popular foods, but we also feel like giving up these foods might somewhat socially isolate us or put the spotlight on us in social eating situations.

I for one, know that it feels a bit awkward when you are in social situations and you are eliminating certain foods that happen to make an appearance in a lot of recipes in the American diet and at a lot of restaurants that serve American style food, unless of course you’re in the Pacific Northwest or west coast communities where vegan foods are popular.

It really makes you realize that there is a lot of socialization that goes on around food here in the US, and how that may be a major reason for our obesity epidemic. The benefits of the vegan diet have been shown to help lower cholesterol, which makes sense if you think about it since high fat dairy foods are pretty much one of the biggest forms of cholesterol known to man, think of the incredible edible egg.

Not only that, but meats are also high in cholesterol if they are one of the ones that is higher in fat, such as a fatty cut of steak of other type of beef, or lamb, or bacon or sausage (both derived from pork, lean cuts of pork, however, are comparable to chicken cuts with how lean they are).

Recently, Dr. Oz, of Oprah fame, had a cowboy who loved meat and dairy go on a vegan diet for several days, and not only did he lose weight pretty quickly, but he also lowered his cholesterol and no longer needed his diabetic medication reportedly. This goes to show the power of eliminating certain foods from your diet, or at the very least, reducing them to almost negligible amounts in the diet, and this will help to immensely lower your rates of certain diseases, and regulate your blood sugar too, apparently!

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