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I have had two basal cell carcinoma skin cancers taken off of my body in the past five years, and because of my family history of skin cancer – actually, melanoma (my grandfather on my dad’s side actually died of a melanoma skin cancer), I had them both surgically removed.  Actually how it went was I had gone into my regular doctor when I noticed that a spot on my forehead was not healing up correctly. 

At first I thought it was a burn or something, maybe I had knicked my forehead with a curling iron or something, but after many months of it scabbing over and never healing, I suspected after reading about it that it could be a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.  So the doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed because it was on my face.  I had it removed, and they sent it off for testing and lo and behold, it came back that it was indeed a basal cell carcinoma. 

Now, keep in mind, basal cell is probably the least deadly and most common form of skin cancer and it is usually found in areas where you are exposed to sunlight regularly, so the fact that it was found on my forehead made perfect sense.  I knew that although it was low risk that it would spread or go beneath the tissue and into the deeper layers of skin and spread was low, but nonetheless I still feel it’s important to get anything that is an abnormal growth off in it’s earliest stages.  I had my second basal cell carcinoma about a year later, this time in a weird spot, right in between my breasts, on my chest area. 

I could only assume that this was from those sun drenched days in my bikini (which are now few and far between since I try to keep excess sun exposure to a minimum).  Same thing happened – I went to the dermatologist directly this time, and she referred me back to the same plastic surgeon.  It was removed and tested and came back as another basal cell carcinoma. 

So, I was happy it was gone.  I now have regular appointments to make sure I don’t have any irregular skin growths, because of the history of skin cancer in the familly, and have made sure I have a diet rich in antioxidants, however I started to do a lot of reading on how to get rid of a skin cancer such as basal cell naturallly when I suspected that I had another one right by the same spot on my forehead that was already removed, because I really didn’t want to pay the outrageous plastic surgeon fee and have another scar and stitches if I didn’t have to. 

That’s when I found that lots of people seemed to be having success with a topical Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) solution, applied directly to the cancerous spot in question.  I read, somewhat skeptically at first, but with increasing excitement that it actually worked, and that many people had tried it and had their cancers fall off in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, with daily application of Vitamin C solution. 

So, going off the information on one of the sites, what I did was I went to a natural foods store and bought an ascorbic acid powder, as suggested, to make my solution and try to get rid of my new growth I suspected was skin cancer. 

It cost me $3.59 for a little over a quarter pound of the fine powder, and that concentration was 5,000 mg per teaspoon.  The price per pound for the vitamin c (ascorbic acid form) powder was 13.55 at this particular store, and a fourth of a lb. was more than sufficient.  Well, it turns out it was way more than sufficient actually, for me personally.  I started to apply a very concentrated solution on the basal cell (what I think is a basal cell) with a q-tip, twice a day, actually 3 times the first day. 

I just mixed a little of the powder with VERY little lukewarm water, and dabbed it on what I suspected was the basal cell with a q-tip.   Here’s what’s interesting, and why I firmly believe it was a basal cell carcinoma (notice i say “was”).  When I dabbed it on, it really burned my skin, but ONLY in the spot that I suspected was a basal cell.  Sure, a concentrated solution of ascorbic acid could sting even normal tissue a little, but it was a very noticeable sting in the smooth, shiny area I suspected. 

Not only that, the smooth shiny area turned a bright red, and got very irritated for the 5 days I treated it with the vitamin c.  It got so red that it looked like I had an open wound on my forehead.  After five days, I decided to give my skin a break and was going on vacation soon, so I wanted to see if it would heal.  What ended up happening is the spot scabbed over and fell off almost instantly the day I stopped treatment.  The result?  The smooth shiny spot is totally gone and I don’t even have a scar. 

Say what you want, but I firmly believe my application of concentrated ascorbic acid totally killed my basal cell skin cancer, and in short order – AND for dirt cheap, with no stitching or scarring.  Do I recommend this to everyone?  No, it really depends on the person, and if you really must know what it is, you should really see a Dr. to determine if it is a basal cell in the first place.  I’m not even sure if this works on any other type of skin cancer except basal cell, but it worked for me. 

I’m no Doctor, but this is by far the most convincing piece of evidence to me that vitamin C is deadly to cancer cells.  I’ve also read that antioxidants such as green tea and some other antioxidants may have a directly deadly effect on cancer cells, but have not experimented with those. 

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