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Vitamin C is a really great antioxidant vitamin. It’s an excellent and very cheap way to help fight off the free radicals that deluge us and our bodies every single day. It’s water soluble, so that means you can eat foods with it and even take supplements on top of that without overdosing on it or getting vitamin C toxicity as you can get with fat soluble vitamins.

In other words, you pee out vitamin C every day rather than store it in your fat cells like some other vitamins (E for example).  While vitamin C is known primarily for it antioxidant virtues, it also has been found to have another interesting health benefit. Specifically to men who suffer from gout, which is painful inflammations in the joints resulting from excessive uric acid in the blood stream.

It affects men most often, and men who have it often have to be put on special diets or avoid certain foods that will increase uric acid levels even more.

The study on vitamin C and its potential effects on gout and gout prevention had some interesting findings. They found that men who had a higher intake of vitamin C via the foods they ate and/or the supplements they took actually had lower uric acid counts than the men who had little or less vitamin C intake in their daily diet regimen.

The thought is that the intake of vitamin C is somehow related to a lower uric acid count and therefore can both relieve the effects of gout if they are already present and also reduce the likelihood of gout even occurring if men have had a higher intake of vitamin C all along.

There was really no reason why the vitamin C was thought to help lower uric acid levels, but the relationship was definitely there in an identifiable way.  Studies have yet to be done on women to  see if the same relationship may be there, but the authors think it may affect women differently due to the different interactions and concentrations of hormones in a woman’s body as compared to that of a man.


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