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We know that vitamin D is crucial to an effective and efficient immune system, cancer prevention and overall cell protection as well as the effective utilization of calcium by the body.  There are TONS of additional studies being done right now that are pointing to even more benefits of this inexpensive and easily attained vitamin.

The newest potential benefit of vitamin D is that it may one day offer the key to regenerated hair growth for men and women who have lost their hair prematurely or gone totally bald.  It appears vitamin D may be the “key” the fits into the missing piece of the puzzle for follicle health and function.

Somehow vitamin D prevents the “sleep” phase of the hair follicles. Normally our follicles go through an inactive phase – this is actually a normal thing that people with full heads of hair experience. However, the problem with balding people is that this sleep phase lasts forever and turns on for an indefinite time period, making hair growth impossible. 

So what is the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin D?

The best way is still to get about 15 minutes of solid sunshine exposure per day, with as much of your body exposed to the sunlight as possible. Preferably with no sunscreen, so that’s why such a small amount of time is needed. You never want to burn though of course. This defeats the “health” purpose of sun exposure.

Try not to shower for at least 6-8 hours or even longer preferably after you are exposed to the sunlight. Your skin still generates vitamin D from the interaction that occurs between the skin’s natural substance and the sunlight for hours after exposure. When you shower too soon, you’re actually interfering with the absorption of vitamin D.

The second option is to supplement with vitamin D.  This can be somewhat effective, but only when it is consumed in a fatty (oil) base. I prefer to use oil capsules, this ensures the best absorption of the vitamin D.  The best way is still UV exposure though.  Since the vitamin may now also dictate how much hair you have on your head, it’s even more important to get your daily dose.

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