Mira Hair Growth Oil for Long, Strong Silky Hair FAST

Vitamins are a powerful force in our lives.  If we are deficient in one, we could experience serious symptoms ranging from hair loss and lack of focus to joint stiffness.

If we get too much of other types of vitamins, we can actually have a toxic effect in our bodies if they aren’t flushed out.

Vitamins, in the right doses, can be an amazing addition to your diet if you want to experience rapid, healthy hair growth, and continue to experience that growth for the duration of your life.

One of the best recommendations is a topical oil that helps rejuvenate your scalp and encourages long, strong silky hair growth quickly.  Read some accounts of customers who have used Mira Hair Growth Oil.

Natural vitamins and herbs for hair growth are added to nutritional supplements like Provillus and Profollica that are designed to make your hair grow faster, stronger, and to look much healthier.

You can usually tell when a person gets a lot of the right vitamins in their diet for hair growth.  Their hair is usually full of color and luster and also looks strong and healthy, and also tends to grow like a weed.

This is not just all genetics, although admittedly genetics do play some role in the way your hair looks, it’s consistency (whether coarse or fine, color of the hair, texture, etc.), but much of it is related to your diet and getting the right minerals and vitamins to maximize your body’s potential for healthy, fast growing hair.

Grow Healthy, Strong Hair with Potent Vitamins Whether a Man or Woman

So, enough about how great vitamins can be for the continued growth of your crowning jewel, let’s talk about the most beneficial ones and how you can incorporate them into your diet, whether by supplement or food intake.

Keep in mind, sometimes it is best to take one single vitamin for hair growth, such as my recommendations Profollica and also Provillus, but you can also make sure your diet incorporates these minerals and vitamins as well for maximum impact.

One of the first important ones is vitamin E. You may have read about how this is great for your skin, but it just so happens that it is also vital to your hair’s continued growth and strength.  Oh, it’s also a great source of strength for your nails, which are just another connective tissue in addition to your skin that benefits from this catch all nutrient.

You can purchase soft gels at just about any nutrition store, but be very careful about dosages as it is not one that flushes out of the body regularly and can become toxic if you over do it.

The next one is a very potent hair growth vitamin, and is actually even used by some chemotherapy patients to help encourage their hair to grow back.  It’s called Biotin, and it’s actually in the B vitamin family.

If you’d like to incorporate this by eating foods, you can get it by eating sardines (yuck, but they are good for you in other ways too, admittedly), brewers yeast, salmon and liver (another yuck).

Biotin is best when consumed orally, as it is probably minimally effective in topical products.  People who are deficient in this often have weak nails and experience some form of hair loss, as this vitamin is known for strengthening the hair and making it more resilient to damage and to falling out.

I’m going to talk about an important nutritional addition that is not really a vitamin, but it is nonetheless important to your hair’s successful growth and maintenance.  It’s zinc, and more people have a slight deficiency than realize it, because this mineral is actually hard to find in any significant amounts in the foods that are common to the American diet.

Vegetarians may be especially prone to zinc deficiencies since one of it’s biggest providers is red meats.  Beef, lamb, and yes, again, liver are rich in zinc.

However, one doesn’t really want to consume a lot of these meats for other health reasons, so it may  be wise to follow my theory of just taking a catch-all supplement for hair loss and hair regrowth so that you don’t over do it on any one given vitamin or mineral and experience adverse reactions. Hey, let’s face it, who wants to pop fifteen pills a day too, right?

Here’s another fun fact about vitamins and hair growth.  When you combine vitamin B6 with zinc, they work together to slow down the process of hair loss which is further accelerated and aggravated by something called DHT.

This is actually the primary cause behind hair loss, especially in men, and that’s why some of the natural supplements for hair loss that I recommend contain these two in tandem.  They are very effective at inhibiting this chemical and restoring healthy growth to your treasured hair.

Vitamin C is a great addition to your diet and supplement use simply because it aids in the efficient metabolism and utilization of the other vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair growth.

Not to mention, you can’t really take “too much” of this vitamin as it flushed out daily from your system and needs to be replenished on a daily basis.  It also has excellent antioxidant properties and many claim that it makes their skin glow with a healthy vibrance when they take it every day, so why the heck not?

So there you have it, some of what I think are the most important vitamins for hair growth.  If you know of any more or have had any positive experiences with any other vitamins that you would like to share, please leave a comment and share, we’d love to hear about it!

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