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Chelation therapy and getting those toxins out

I always was a little fuzzy on what chelation therapy was. I remember initially when I started to see if on labels, I thought it simply meant something about how a vitamin or nutrient supplement was made or in what form it was taken (I thought it was a more powerful liquid version at first to be honest).

What I didn’t realize was that it is actually a controversial therapy that is supposed to remove heavy metals and possibly other toxins from the blood stream. You can see why this is controversial. Anything that purports to remove toxins from our bodies is almost automatically treated as phony by the mainstream media and medical community because they pretty much deny that toxin exist in the first place.

The medical community’s position on toxins is usually that if they are in the body, the body has its own mechanisms that constantly rids itself of anything that is unhealthy. As ridiculous as that sounds, that’s usually the upshot of what they think.

However there are many who believe that this chelation therapy really does work.  This therapy can be very expensive, which probably lends itself to the criticism it receives. However it has recently received some positive press on heart attack patients who underwent the therapy. They apparently lived longer than their placebo counterparts in a recent study.

How chelation therapy works

Patients undergo a series of injections on a liquid concoction that contains, sometimes among other things, a component called  DMSA or dimercaptosuccinic acid and other chelating agents which bind themselves to heavy metals in the blood stream and carry them out via the normal waste elimination processes of the body.

There also may be other components in the injected liquid such as vitamin C and other antioxidants and alpha lipoic acid.  The primary recognized use of chelation therapy is for heavy metal toxicity, where a person may have been heavily exposed to something like mercury or other toxic metals that can cause cancer and other health issues.


The average cost of a professionally administered injectable chelation therapy is five thousand dollars give or take depending on who does it for you and where you are located.

There are some other products availabel over the counter or online that don’t require a prescription or a Doctor or practitioner’s office visit (and then some), but their effectiveness has not been studied and is not proven to be effective.

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