By Natural Advocate | July 12, 2012 - 10:37 pm - Posted in Alternative & Herbal Health News

There are so many conflicting opinions on Obama’s recently upheld healthcare mandate that I figured I would take a little time and get my thoughts out about this very controversial new law.  The bottom line on this is that I really feel that it is in some way unconstitutional to make people buy health insurance or zap them with a penalty if they do not buy it.

The worst part of the new law is that you cannot be covered for holistic health practitioners, so you are forced to be cared for by traditional western medicine doctors.  This means that you will absolutely have to bend to pharmaceutical treatment – not good.

That is the major crux of this new law.  A Federal judge panel recently upheld this part citing his opinion that the penalty is really nothing more than a tax.  This is by far the most polarizing part of the healthcare law, and this ruling means that it will be signed into law soon and we could start seeing its effects soon as well.

Healthcare companies, which have already had to dramatically increase their costs for people like me who have their insurance through their employer, have said that they will need to increase their premiums even more. As if we don’t already pay through the nose for our health insurance.

Some even say that the new law will lead to job losses because it will impose taxes and excise taxes on healthcare providers and even on some employers.  It also reportedly will likely increase our national deficit by billions of dollars, something that we definitely don’t need right now in the midst of all the other government spending and reckless behavior.

The real problem is that the Supreme court decision to render this “tax” lawful has really set a precedent as far as what types of power the government has over our freedoms and our monies.  Will this new law disgust people so much that it will lead to a crushing defeat in the November elections for the Democrats?

We can’t predict that of course, but it does look like people are already getting pretty ticked and scared about the unlimited powers the government seems to be gaining lately.  While I’m definitely not a huge fan of Romney, he’s looking like the better choice these days.

I really wish that there was another candidate that I could throw a vote to that might realistically win the election, but we have set the precedent here in America that it’s always either a Republican or a Democrat that wins, so I’m sure those are pointless hopes.

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