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When we take our vitamins, and minerals, and any other nutritional supplement for that matter, you want to always make sure that what you are taking is high quality, and at it’s strongest potency possible, or else you’re just wasting your time popping these pills.

If you are taking a vitamin that has lost all of it’s nutritional value, for instance, because it has been exposed to high heat and it’s nutrients were compromised, or you have a vitamin that is a few years old or otherwise way past it’s expiration date, then you are taking them in vein.

Expiration dates and heat exposure aren’t all you have to worry about though with your treasured vitamins and various supplements. You also need to add light exposure to your list of what to restrict when storing your vitamins. Many vitamins, it’s true, are stored in light proof containers which are tinted enough to provide UV protection to the vitamins within, but you also have to be vigilant in keeping them out of the light inside as well.

It’s always best to store your vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements, in a cool, dark pantry. That way, you are protecting your vitamins from two of the biggest offenders of robbing their nutritional value – heat and light. It’s no coincidence that you should also store your foods and nutritional goods in these pantries, since these conditions are most conducive to keeping any food or goods fresh and potent.

Some of the vitamins that show they may be destroyed by the light are certain B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C to a degree, and vitamin A. I’m sure there are more, but these are noted as especially sensitive to light exposure.

This is why commercialized milk is often sold in light protectant containers. You may have seen one of their commercials where they claim that their yellow tinted milk containers actually protect the integrity of the vitamins and other nutrients, and also protect the flavor from degrading, and that is why this packaging is “superior” for milk.

Taking vitamins, as you probably know already, can make a great addition to your diet, and make up for a lack of what you may naturally not be getting in your diet unknowingly. They can enhance your health, your energy levels, your appearance and your focus and concentration, as long as you are taking them at their full potency and quality, and avoiding putting them in the sunlight or an extremely light environment will help to protect them from that.

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