January 2015
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Whole Foods Aquires Wild Oats

One of my favorite natural and organic food markets, Wild Oats (well, second only to Trader Joes, who I think has better prices personally), is being aquired by a larger corporation, Whole Foods, so that the natural and organic grocery store, which also carries herbal and natural remedies and personal care products can better compete with the larger grocery store chains who are increasingly offering more organic and natural foods to their list of offerings.

The company sees this acquisition as a bold move to regain some of the market share in this burgeoning industry and in an increasingly health and food choice conscious America, as a move toward greater competition leverage against the traditional grocery chains who are expanding these offerings.

Heck, even Wal-Mart has been getting into the organic craze, and I have to admit, although I don’t agree with Wal-Marts economic and business tactics, I did buy a box of Kashi cereal there for less than 3 bucks, when at other stores it goes for close to 5 bucks a box.

Hopefully this new acquisition will also allow Wild Oats to better leverage price competition against it’s competitors since currently they are a little more on the pricey end of the spectrum.

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