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A family member introduced me to this coffee alternative. I say it’s a “coffee alternative” because it offers a pick me up that is not quite as strong as coffee and doesn’t seem to also let you down as hard as coffee does. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I would turn to coffee many days when I was falling asleep at work, for an energy fix.

I found though that not only did coffee seem to increase my appetite for the remainder of the day after I was done drinking it, but it also gave me an energy crash a few hours after I would finish it. My sister introduced me to a good coffee substitute that also offers antioxidant benefit as well. If you don’t like tea, you may not like Yerba Mate, but if you give it a chance you really seem to aquire a taste for it, as I have pretty quickly over the past few weeks that I’ve been drinking it.

It has a slightly bitter taste at first, but I bought a brand now that has stevia, a natural sweetener added to it (the yerba mate is still organic though, I do think that is important, then you avoid the pesticides that tend to get sprayed on coffees and teas this way) and it is mush easier to drink and in fact I actually am enjoying it now.

Yerba Mate seems to give me a more steady energy, without throwing my blood sugar out of wack or giving me a big energy let down after I’ve drank it. Not only that, but it also seems to not be as prone to giving me an upset stomach as coffee does. This part is funny, because the first few times I drank the other brand, without the sweetener, I thought it might have made me a little queasy, but that subsided very quickly.

The brand I drink if you’re interested in trying it is called Wisdom of the Ancients Yerba Mate Royale (Mate is pronounced MAH-TEY). It contains the following ingredients : Organic Yerba Mate, Stevia by Sweetleaf, and licorice root (this may also add the pleasant flavor I’m talking about). If you’re trying to kick the coffee habit, yerba mate may be worth your while to look into. I’ve never seen it at the grocery store, it’s usually only found at organic goods stores.

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