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The super antibiotic Z-Pac, which is the brand name for the strong antibiotic azithromycin, is a five day course of antibiotics which is one of the most often prescribed for infections and other things that can be responsive to antibiotic treatment.  The antibiotics of yesteryear are basically not strong enough for the new strains that we see today, simply because these new strains have evolved and mutated in response to the stronger antibiotics we give.

This can be dangerous, since we needs stronger and stronger medication in order to fight the same thing a mild medication would have treated with no problem a mere two decades ago.  Z-Pac is pretty much the ultimate in antibiotic treatment now, and many patients are put on it.

It’s a pack of 6 pills. You take two on the first day of treatment, then you take one for four days after that, completing a five day treatment.  I myself will never take this if I don’t have to, as I was on antibiotics for years as a teen for my acne, and believe that it caused some irreparable damage to my colon and bowel health.

You see, antibiotics are good for killing bad bacteria, but they are not good because they also kill the good bacteria that inhabits your bowels and keeps them healthy.  Probiotics are recommended for anyone after a round of antibiotics, so that the healthy flora in the intestines and bowels can be replenished.

Azithromycin has now also been linked with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death in patients that may already have heart problems.  The suspicions have been around for a while, and that lead to Vanderbilt University commissioning a study on the potential link.

Although the amount of deaths on Arithromycin are small, they are 2.5 higher than would have been reasonably expected. The risk factors identified are those with severe diabetes and those with pre-existing heart problems. The drug was found to cause irregular heart rhythms in those with these pre-existing conditions, which is what researchers are saying makes it dangerous for certain patients to take.

Doctors should definitely be vigilant in making sure their patients do not have these conditions. Even high blood pressure and high cholesterol could be a sign that a patient may not be able to take Z-Pac.  They are recommending that until a thorough review is done, people who have these health conditions should be prescribed an alternative antibiotic to Z-Pac.

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