Parabens, Lead, Other Bad Stuff in Cosmetics

It’s important when picking out not only your cosmetic and beauty products if you’re a woman, but even your personal care stuff like body lotions, which most people use on either parts of their body or their entire body, fairly often, and things like deodorant, and sunscreens, to be aware of the lurking chemicals and contaminants that can be found in them.

These chemicals are not just something that sits on the skin and doesn’t cause any harm because you don’t ingest it orally. No, it actually STILL enters the blood stream, it’s just not as direct a route. In fact, if it’s something you use allover your body, once or twice every day, that just makes it all that much more important that it not have these chemicals in it.

Chemicals like parabens, aluminum, and even lead can be found in personal care and cosmetic items. Lead is particularly concerning since it is a known toxic heavy metal and has been pretty much banned from personal care products because it can cause poisoning of the system. It can build up in our bodies over time and cause health issues.

Aluminum is one that worries me, because it has been linked to everything from Alzheimers to breast cancer, and therefore, I have been using a natural, aluminum and triclosan free deodorant for years now.  Any metal does not belong on the body, no matter what it is being used for – if you see any metal ingredients in a personal care product, run the other way.

Triclosan is a worrisome product additive as well, and it is found in a TON of antibacterial soaps and gels that are used to help keep germs off the hands.  It has been linked to several illnesses, including a variety of cancers.  The FDA is currently reviewing it’s safety in human use, but if I were you, I’d just throw any soaps or hand washes you have with this ingredient away in favor of a more chemical free formula.

You may think that you need chemicals to get clean, but you really don’t. I’ve been using natural soaps without sodium lauryl sulfate or any other harsh chemicals in them now for years, and my skin has never felt better. I also feel good about what I’m using, and don’t feel like I’m exposing my body to constant chemical overload.

Like almost anything, there are individual differences in how people react to different chemicals. Specific health conditions may expand the list of cosmetic products you may want to avoid or take advantage of.