Fight PMS with These Natural Habits

PMS can be a real drag for us women, especially those of us who experience it much more profoundly than others.  Some women really don’t have PMS symptoms, but the majority of us do, the estimate today being about 98% of women reporting some sort of varying degrees of PMS symptoms before or during their period.

I for one feel as if I’m going crazy about one week prior to my period sometimes, and then after a two day period of extreme moodiness and emotional roller coastering, I’m ok for the few days actually leading up to my period. It’s a little odd probably, as most women experience it right before they start to menstruate, but every women is a little different when it comes to the hormones that control the monthly cycle.

Some doctors have poo poo’d the idea of PMS, saying that there is no real scientific proof that it should be happening. Hence, my distrust in much of the medical data that comes out these days.

Any woman who experience PMS will tell you it is as real as you can get, not imagined, and not psychosomatic, but a genuine, tangible change in how they feel, emotionally and physically.

Some women may get headaches or migraines before their period, others experience bloating and weight gain, cramping, moodiness, and hot flashes even.  Some may experience anxiety or depression (see herbal remedies) ranging from mild to extreme, depending on the individual.

And within that individual’s life, their symptoms may even range from mild to severe as well.  One month my symptoms may be severe, and the next they may be next to nothing – usually when that happens my actual flow is not much either.

Some of the things you can do to counter the many faces of PMS are the following. You can cut down on your sodium intake a few days before your period. This will help to relieve the bloating.  You should probably try to cut down on caffeine, as caffeine can contribute to feelings of anxiety and moodiness.

Also, go easy on the sugar, as your blood sugar spikes and lows can contribute greatly to moodiness and being overly emotional.  One thing that I’ve found helps me immensely during these few crucial days is doing yoga and working out.  Yoga is notorious for helping to balance hormones, and being healthy for the endocrine system.

It helps relieve stress and also may help ease aches and pains associated with PMS, like back pain and cramping.  Try taking an herbal mood enhancer as well, this can help lift any mild depression or moodiness you may be experiencing.